Blinds in the design of rooms: everything is new - is well forgotten old

Beautifully arrange an office or a room you can use blinds.

The classic version is horizontal blinds, which can be located both indoors and between glasses. Such curtains are made of thin aluminum with a special lacquer coating.

The color of the selected aluminum blinds can be almost arbitrary. This greatly simplifies the choice as curtains or choose to match the walls, or in a contrasting color. See how to issue a standard room with beautiful blinds please visit producer.

< Blinds «day and night»

This is a very interesting solution, which is a curtain made of two layers of fabric. Curtains in a single layer perfectly protect you from too bright sunlight, but will not make the room dark. In the evening, the dark shutters closed, securely hiding you from view from the street.

< Fabric blinds

Fabric vertical blinds are a classic of the genre and has long relished the many owners of apartments. The nice looking colors, they look great, not only in the office premises. Vertical blinds can be made of various materials for these purposes and in different colors - are practically no limitations.
Furthermore, it is possible to create compositions of several colors. For example, to make the blinds in rainbow colors for baby or choose two-tone version with alternating stripes, which can be as contrasting as well as pick up the tone, creating an interesting play of light and shadow in the room.

< Conclusion < /

Modern blinds are a very flexible option room decor, while performing the window closing function. Using this design element, you can create an interesting play of colors, filling the room with the northern side of the sun or warm tones or, for example, you can choose a contrasting color or black game blinds on the sunny side.

The special features of blinds include: the absence of a hassle to care for, they do not require washing, do not fade and do not lose their shape, do not require maintenance for long term use. To find out more information, go to «» products webpage.


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