How to avoid inflammatory diseases in gynecology

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The female body is very vulnerable, and the most serious deviations on the part of gynecology, is often a complications not cured or later diagnosed with infectious lesions. Therefore, it is an important, even vital mandatory preventive examination, which conducts the gynecologist at least once a year. And don't wait for a special occasion unpleasant discharge, painful menstruation or itching, because most diseases on the background of infectious lesions are hidden, and the symptoms appear when the problem became serious.

As a prevention methods should be highlighted:
1. Observance of rules of personal hygiene, write about it and remind you at every step and nevertheless. If you use tampons, change them every two hours, so as not to injure the mucosa and not to create artificial foci of infection, the same applies to the use of strips with flavors. Vaginal douching and sitz baths be used only on prescription, because of washing out useful flora, you provoke vaginal dysbiosis.

2. Healthy lifestyle and good nutrition. The Council, which all understand, but which somehow don't follow, especially those who spontaneously take on extreme diets. Quick weight loss, as well as obesity natural microflora of the body, which leads to vaginose first, and then if it is left untreated, can cause adhesions in the fallopian tubes, and inflammation of the ovaries and endometriosis, which are detected on ultrasound.
3. Hygiene sex. A condom is mandatory, sometimes even with regular partners, as sex is the most common method of transmission. It should be deleted as frequent sex (more than 4 times a week) and having sex during menstruation, even with a condom. Ideally, before having sex, check yourself and your partner in the presence of latent infections, for example, as chlamydia. Over the years, they could not manifest itself and get them easy, but getting rid of them difficult, time consuming, not to mention the complications.

4. And individual attention of abortion and surgical intervention, it is always a very serious threat until the occurrence of malignant neoplasms.

So don't delay a visit to the gynecologist for later. The sooner we detect disease, the easier and faster it is to cure, and sometimes the hospital is not required, and you can do pills to make ambulatory intravenous injection rate combined with folk remedies.

Your health is in your hands, we only help to restore it.
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