Special Agent Tymoshchuk

Recently became aware of his return to Petersburg "Zenith" Anatoly Timoschika. For several years he played in the Munich "Bavaria", and now Ukraine midfielder arrived in the city on the Neva. Here he spent three successful seasons from 2007 to 2009, from here to conquer Germany. His comeback in North Palmyra perceive ambiguous. But solely from the point of view of sports is appropriate for the club. Well, St. Petersburg communists represented by the Chairman of the Central Committee Organization Communists of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region deputy Sergei Malinkovich decided potrollit Anatolia in the spirit of soviet traditions.
"Another prodigal son came to his native Neva shores, with downcast eyes. Well, Tolia, savory porridge was a German ?! But going away, raised his nose contemptuously hmykaya reproaches comrades and Russian patriots. Game for Germany - a terrible sin, because in the "Bavaria" gathered haters Russia, revenge-seekers-abverovtsy. But, like every traitor, Tymoshchuk has quickly become not necessary. His forced the Germans to wash the floors and take out the garbage. So he ran eagerly to play for "Zenith". Of course, Tymoshchuk talented player, strong legs, but with a conscience to do much worse. We Communists have often, in the case of Arshavin and Tymoshchuk, said that care and long dollar mark in western clubs looks disgusting, that it should be punished for that back such better not to take. But that's taken! And the boys are in love with "Zenith", whose grandfathers fought with the Nazis, will think that it's okay - to walk out of the Russian team in German, English and vice versa. We have such examples spoil our children!

And what came Tymoshchuk ?! If he has a special mission from Angela Merkel, castor oil pour into the soup players "Zenith" before the decisive match? Or radio will be in Berlin at night from under the blanket, the secrets of tactics upcoming game ?! Communists of St. Petersburg call players "Zenith" expose Tymoshchuk procedure three quarantine, to be with him dry and restrained, too much with him not to talk, and look - which went who called. Well, certainly the fans greeted the return Tymoshchuk caustic contemptuous ridicule. You figure it out, Tolia what you closer - Russian birch and anthem "Zenith" or a mug of beer and Bavarian cloudy vulgar Lili Marleen!

The press service of the Central Committee of the CP

Photo: Tymoshchuk in despair. Mission failed.


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