20 coolest movies that are rated by viewers and critics not

Now is the time that the film is longer choose what to watch: this has already seen a hundred times, and this may be so-so ... Not to be mistaken, it is necessary to listen to the opinions of other spectators

Website found some little-known movies that look and appreciated the spectators from around the world.

Spy game Spy game

Nathan Muir - CIA special agent, a veteran intelligence. Before his retirement, he finds out that his protege Tom Bishop is in a Chinese prison, where he could face the death penalty. Muir understands that the Bishop will give "to the slaughter," the Chinese authorities. It remains a matter of hours to ensure that, at the risk of his own head, to save his pupil. Vibrant, beautiful, imaginative film about friendship and justice.

Stationmaster The Station Agent

Finbar McBride - dwarf. He is doomed to eternal ridicule and sidelong glances. It always attracts attention, but not something that people usually crave: his insult, scoff at him or throw pictures. Fin used to living alone, it is interesting to read a book than to talk to people, because it is usually just feel sorry and pity he can not tolerate. A touching film about a young man with a big heart.

We Need to Talk About Kevin We Need to Talk About Kevin

Putting aside all ambition, Eva devotes life to birth and upbringing of his son. But their relationship can not be called simple. In 15 years, Kevin commits an irreparable and Eve tormented sense of responsibility and self-blame. Whether it is enough to love her son? What if what happened there and its wines? Could she keep her son from the terrible deed? The complex, places a heavy psychological film about family, loved and unloved children.

What Maisie Knew What Maisie Knew

Maisie six years. Her mother - a rock star, and my father - an art dealer. They've divorced. Everyone has their own worries and things they absolutely forget about the fact that they have a daughter. But it needs to pick up from the garden, feed, put to bed. Child decided to leave his current wife, the Pope, a former nurse, and a new mother of her husband, the bartender. Very cute and touching film about a troubled and filled with the bustle of adult life through the eyes of a little girl

Dear Zachary:. A letter to his son about his father Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Documentary about the loving father of a little boy, shot by one of his father's friends. That's all we can afford to talk about the film. But be prepared to cry while watching sobbing, screaming in anger and panting with happiness because of the fact that there may be a kind of love in the world. And yes: do not read any reviews before watching, spoilers and reviews. Just watch.

Fastest "Indian» The World's Fastest Indian

In this film, Anthony Hopkins plays a good New Zealand motorcycle racer Burt Munro, who set a world record for speed on the "Indiana" in 1920 assembly. Monroe has modified his 25 years. This is a story that you can not give up the dream, even under the blows of fate, and a hail of ridicule. A brilliant Hopkins makes a normal game, at first glance, the story into something amazing.

Atonement Atonement

Young Briony writes plays. She is in love with his son Robbie servants, whose affair with her older sister Cecilia. But there is misery in which Briony accuses Robbie, it is too rich imagination paints a picture of the crime. Robbie is sent first to prison and then in the army: the Second World War. Brioni has grown and realized what she had done as a teenager. Can it now do anything to atone for the broken lives?

What's Eating Gilbert Grape? What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Young Gilbert Grape was born in a small town where nothing ever happens. He - the eldest child in the family and to take care of the mother and painfully full feeble-minded brother. But once in his town comes a beautiful young girl, and Gilbert understands that the fate gives him a chance to start living differently. By the way, the mentally retarded Arnie Grape played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who had just started his career.

How to Change the World How to Change the World

In 1971, a group of environmentalists, hippies tried to disrupt the testing of a nuclear bomb by going to the place of testing on a small boat. It wrote the major newspapers of the world, and the guys unexpectedly for themselves back in Vancouver heroes. Thus began the history of the environmental movement Greenpeace. But the film is not about how little movement turned into a giant corporation, and about what to pay for a media attention that fame does to people, yesterday ready just like that, not for money, to stand up for the little pups.

Black fin Blackfish

The film begins with the story of the accident, which occurred in 2010 in Orlando water park amusement, when the killer whale Tilikum dragged under water and drowned tamer. As it turned out, it was not the only victim of a whale. But why did the killer whale did so with the people? The film tells the story of what life is like whales in captivity and whether people have the right to lock them in amusement parks and train for their own amusement. See places hard, but worth it.

Mr. Nobody Mr. Nobody

Awakened infirm old Nemo is the last mortal in a grotesque future. All people have long been immortal and enjoy watching TV shows where the main star - senile and insane old man, living out his last days. On the eve of the end of the journalist comes to him, and Nemo tells him his story, thinking about important decisions made in your life. You look without looking, because it is very much here subtexts and puzzles.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Le scaphandre et le papillon

Jean-Dominique Bauby, editor of Elle France, at the age of 43 years suffered a stroke as a result of which completely lost the ability to move. Communicate it can now only winking left eye when the person sitting next calls the desired letter. So Jean-Dominique told all about his inner world, starting with what being trapped inside his own body, and ending stories about the worlds, which he visited in his dreams.

Headhunters Hodejegerne

Roger Brown - brilliant "bounty hunter", the selection of top management specialist for large firms. His recommendation - the key to getting a job. To keep the beautiful wife, Roger has long been living beyond their means and steal expensive pictures. One day he finds one of the lost paintings by Rubens, theft which could solve all his problems. But, of course, can not go smoothly, and "Hunter" himself turns into prey. Caution: in the film a lot of hard scenes and humor naicherneyshego

big scam The Grand Seduction


Canadian fishing village Tickle Head dies by leaps and bounds. The surrounding waters have banned fishing now residents have nowhere to work, and one by one they are leaving. To save the city, the mayor agrees to build a plant, but in the town there is no doctor. No doctor - there is no plant. Fortunately, a nearby airport just arrested surgeon Lewis ... From the seemingly simple story turned out great comedy - just what you need for a fun evening

Rootless beasts Beasts of No Nation <. br>

The civil war in the West African forces the young man by the name Agha join the team of mercenaries. The guy survived the death of his father, the disappearance of sisters and a mother, and now he will have to maintain a difficult and cruel life. The film is strong, it is a senseless war, and of the children who have to live in this war. This sharp social drama, so it is necessary to look only internally unprepared.

Short Term 12 Short Term 12

Grace works in N12 camp for troubled teens. All was quiet until the camp was not received rebel girl Jayden, which attracted the attention of Grace and uncovered some old wounds. The film is about those educators of children's camps - the older comrades, teachers who are able to find the approach to the child and help him cope with the difficulties to which he is not ready yet. Subtle psychological drama, full of hidden meanings, allusions and hints.

God Bless America! God Bless America

Frank tired: neighbor-cad, constant crying child behind the wall, stupid chatter of colleagues, to top it all - and even a brain tumor. He meets Roxy - student, intolerant to environmental stupidity, with the same views as him. Frank gives her shooting lessons, and she told him - goals that need to be hit. The film is very controversial, even controversial, since it can be categorically disagree, but there is definitely there, something to think about.

«Frutveyl" Station Fruitvale Station

Oscar Grant - an ordinary guy of 22 years old. He loves his daughter and he is trying to be a model son. Yes, he made mistakes: cheating wife, sat in jail for petty crimes. The guy who is just starting to grow (even though that is already married and has a daughter), who barely gets to his feet. Good, but sad movie about errors that can not easily fix, about family values ​​and prejudices of society.

Beginners Beginners

After the death of his mother, Oliver learns that his father all his life was forced to hide his true "I", and he had to get married because of the time bias. Now, at age 75, he plans to change and start life anew. New clothes, new friends, new hobbies, new love. Easy, good, leisurely film, they will not have to puzzle over plot and hidden meanings, but that can be just watching with interest.

Liberal Arts Humanities

Hero 35 years, character 18. Both love good books and music, they can become great friends. But this canvas, a film about another: rather, about how music allows a different look at a familiar place, the book helps to rethink the worldly troubles. How to grow up, finally, and what is to be 35-year-olds-romantic. Easy, pleasant film that discreetly advises one to come down from heaven to earth, and the other up to the heavens, now that the time has come.

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