15 catchy movie about family values

close people, family - it's the most important thing that everyone has. That's what today's cinematic selection that Website made especially for you.

Sweet November h3> Sweet November

The film is full of deep meaning and unreal beauty. Tightened in a suit, a workaholic advertising executive Nelson Moss runs skipping through life and can not imagine another way of life. But lively, eccentric Sarah Deaver, a seductress and philosopher, is very.

Carnage h3> Carnage

No, here it is not about what you think. "Massacre" - a comedy, where the action takes place in a confined space. The parents quarreled boys decide to find out who is right and who is wrong. Throughout the film the viewer is in suspense, watching the complex plot. The picture shows the wrong side of family life, stereotypes of modern society, exposing the hypocrisy of adults.

Hope Springs h3> Hope Springs

Very touching film that gives hope for love. The main characters of the film have been married for more than 30 years. They would seem to have it all: wonderful children, grandchildren, his home, a quiet life. All but the feelings for each other. To restore the passion in a relationship and re-ignite the hearts, the couple turns to Dr. Feld, which deals with the problems of family alliances.

The Godfather h3> The Godfather

In addition to gang warfare in the picture also plenty of long and beautiful monologues about the classic family values, home and duty. The family knows how to make an offer you can not refuse, what honor and what seniors should be respected.

True Lies h3> True Lies

This film - an exciting fighter and family melodrama that tells about serious things in one package. Harry - a loving husband. His wife Helen said that her husband - a boring geek. But she did not know that he actually special agent. Harry and then went on to lead a double life, if not sinister Arab terrorists kidnapped him and with him and his unsuspecting wife.

Big Fish h3> Big Fish

The son tries to recreate the elusive father's life from the tales that he comes up with lots of love, fantasizing on the go. "Big Fish" - an excellent example of how, without undue pathos and melodrama can tell a touching story about family values, love, life and death.

Incorrect h3> Unfaithful

Connie Sumner quiet, relaxing and comfortable married life. But one meeting changed everything: a woman is trapped in a passion, and is forced to choose between family and skilled lover. Is there a future marriage, which settled fraud, fear and guilt?

Descendants h3> The Descendants

Paradise Hawaii. A local resident, a wealthy lawyer Matt King learns very unpleasant news about his little wife, being in a coma: it turns out she cheated on him. Together with two very flighty daughters he decides to find a scoundrel, believing that the way to save the family home.

The Vow h3> The Vow

During the honeymoon, Paige and Leo get in a car accident. While his wife in a coma, Leo does not depart from her bed for an hour, but the return of women to a life overshadowed by the loss of memory: it does not know and does not remember a loved one about their romance. Now Leo will have to re-conquer the heart of Paige.

Gone with the Wind h3> Gone with the Wind

Good old classics for the ages. Starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable beautifully told story of a romance novel of the Civil War. The fate of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler makes the viewer reflect on the fragility of human life, not only, but also of family happiness.

We Dance h3> Shall We Dance

The hero of the picture arranged life, devoted wife and adorable daughter. And like everything in his life is good, but something was still missing. Every evening, returning from work on the train, he sees a beautiful woman in the window of a building. And one day he decides to go to the station ...

Overboard h3> Overboard

Stunning film about how her husband is trying to "tame" his imperious, arrogant and intractable wife, temporarily lost his memory. Will not be bored: a fascinating story, jokes and funny moments doing their job.

Indecent Proposal h3> Indecent Proposal

You are offered $ 1 million for just one night with your wife. One night, all of the financial issues will be resolved in an instant, and an impossible dream become a reality. Would you agree to this?

Autumn in New York h3> Autumn in New York

Heartfelt love story of 48-year-old womanizer Will Keane and 22-year-old Charlotte. The difference in age does not play any role for them, they are happy. If it were not for one thing: Charlotte is terminally ill, and to live her remaining years. Or even less ...

For family reasons h3>

Galina Arkadevna believed that her daughter Lida hurried to marriage, and only after Lida and her husband Igor reported about the imminent addition to the family, and does no longer approve any initiatives of a young couple and decided to exchange the apartment. But the problem resolved itself: having met a charming man, she moved to the chosen one and learns from experience what it means for couples to live with their parents.

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