Enchanting India

Travel to distant India, like trips to the wonderful world of the other, more ancient and mysterious, keeping respect for the centuries-old traditions and customs. The complete opposite of Europe, both in culture and mentality, as well as in architecture, nature and all around. Mostly overpopulated, and even dirty, but still charming India owes interest you. And to warm up the interest to travel to this country, we offer a brief overview of the most beautiful and amazing places of India.

The symbol of India and Agra's main calling card is definitely a Taj Mahal em> , Tomb, recognized as one of the modern wonders of the world. The majestic temple, surrounded by gardens and tall towers familiar from childhood on postcards, films and books. Especially beautiful Taj Mahal in the pre-dawn time and dusk. If you're lucky buy a plane ticket on full moon days, you can get in the tomb at night and enjoy the magic and the union with a history of silence and pacification. Within five days (2 days before the full moon and two days after thereof) from 20:30 to 00:30 at the entrance of the Taj Mahal is open. You can get there during the day, but it threatens to close contact with crowds of tourists and hubbub.

In recent years, enormous popularity among tourists deserve a tiny Goa em>

Among the select beaches of Goa Palolem, where gentle sand, palm trees and crystal clear water are added to the dolphins, floating near the shore, bringing joy and fun for adults and children.

To get acquainted with the history and cultural traditions of India have to go to Delhi. All kinds of churches, museums and monuments will help to explore the ancient country and get to know her secrets. Visit is 42-meter high India Gate, surrounded by a park with fountains. Lotus Temple, which has in its architecture, 45 huge marble petals, built by Feng Shui: no straight lines and angles, attracting negative energy "Sha».

Also worth a stroll to Delhi Qutub Minar - the highest minaret in the world of bricks. Tower height of 71 meters began to build in the XII century. Continuing the tour of Delhi, visit the Birla Mandir Temple - the center of Hinduism, erected for the worship of Vishnu and Lakshmi.

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