After the match "Spartak" - "Zenith", which was held at the Luzhniki stadium.

After the game Anatoliy Tymoshchuk wanted to throw his shirt St. Petersburg fans and headed for their platform. However, on the way from Moscow policeman stood up and tried to twist Tymoshchuk. He escaped. They ran some riot policemen, as well as Pavel Pogrebnyak and Ivica Križanac to protect the captain of "Zenith".
Same fans who watched this scene, descended to the bottom of the stands and started throwing in the police pulled out of the chair.

More than 170 people were detained metropolitan police after the match "Spartak" - "Zenith", which was held at the Luzhniki stadium.
According to RIA "Novosti" representative of the Moscow police headquarters, about 40 of the detainees - a team of fans from St. Petersburg. For various offenses detained 173 fans, more than 40 of them - is the St. Petersburg team fans. Intoxicated arrested 50 people and 40 people for other offenses.

About the incident with the police Tymoshchuk said: "After the game, when I went up to the podium to give up his shirt, representatives of riot police tried to stop me. Was it due to the fact that this is my last match for "Zenith"? I will not say that I can not. Riot policemen would not let me, so I do not provoke the fans, but I think it is a normal situation ».



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