Herbal hair dyes.

If you want to change your hair color or hide gray hair, a hairdressing salon offers hair dye in any color. But this procedure can be done with ease and at home. Today, shops offer a wide selection of appropriate products. However, if your hair or scalp do not take synthetic dyes, it is possible to resort to the popular recipes.

From vegetable dyes often use henna or basma. Henna is the dried and finely ground leaves alkanes, which grows in India, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia. In fresh henna yellow-green color. If she has acquired a reddish tint, then the effect will be much smaller. In henna contains tannins, they strengthen the hair and give them a nice shine. Henna stains hair in red color, but if you mix it with basmoj, you can get the color from light brown to black. Keep in mind that without the use henna Basma, you can, but without Basma henna dyed her hair a greenish or crimson hue.

When painting with henna dry and normal hair it is best not to dilute with water and yogurt. Preheat it is not necessary. To get the shade of mahogany add to henna powder 3-4 tablespoons cocoa.

Achieve reddish-blond tones can be a mixture of henna and coffee. Pour into a glass of water 4 tablespoons of coffee, boil a few minutes, strain and mix with henna. You can also use instant coffee.

From a mixture of henna with chamomile turns bright golden color with a red tint. To prepare the paint, mix half a cup of chamomile and a quarter cup of henna.

Blondes can dye your hair with a tincture of rhubarb, chamomile broth onion peel. To get a lighter shade is enough to take one hundred grams of chamomile, and for darker - brew two hundred grams in half a liter of boiling water, let infusions of 30-40 minutes, strain and add the lemon juice.

When painting hair onion peel boil 30-50 grams per 200 ml of water for 15-20 minutes and strain. Daily until the desired shade of copper grease hair chamomile extract or decoction of onion peel.

For brown shade, use a decoction of tea - for 20 minutes, boil 200 ml of water 3 tablespoons of tea. Blackberries give hair a reddish-brown, and the juice of green walnut shells - Red.


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