Great little people

Russian advertising is quite rare in the top list in the relevant competitions. However, the video for «» became the winner of the international festival of Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) in the category «Best Non-Profit Online Video»
They also touched upon a very sore subject. Russian charities are mostly engaged in using the kids. All right, logical, and, of course, necessary. However, there is a sufficiently large number of adults are also in need of assistance, care, drugs and financial support. The "big people" that united several foundations, just tell pursued the goal of this problem. I must say that the creative team managed to make a very catchy and compelling video. After all, a matter of choice - who to help - adult or child, when both are in need of assistance is extremely thin.
The idea has captured so much of the project participants that the work was done, in fact, on the enthusiasm - the budget was purely symbolic. The necessary expenditure side took over a group of "accident" and Natalia Goloulina.
The result of cooperation - "Choose the one who will die" - the choice of the Association of Internet marketing (Web Marketing Assocoiation (WMA).


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