What can before going to bed? What not?

To ensure a healthy sleep, you need to use the beneficial properties of products, avoiding those that could interfere with normal sleep cycle.

The consumption of protein-rich food at night may have a beneficial effect on sleep.

Before going to bed you can afford a few almond nuts. It contains tryptophan and a significant amount of relaxing muscle magnesium.

The record for the content of the sleep hormone are cherries.

Consumption of caffeine in the form of chocolate or drink before going to sleep is one of the most important factors that could prevent proper sleep.

Alcohol is harmful to achieve deep sleep. Even though that for some people it may help sleep. Therefore, if you need to sleep in the morning and feel cheerful, do not drink more than one wine at dinner.

The best drink for the night - a chamomile tea. She has a slight sedative effect and serves as an ideal natural relaxant for the body and soul.

Milk before bed affects the psyche. It seems to immerse in half-forgotten feelings early childhood, when a bottle of milk embodied the peace and comfort. Even milk contains tryptophan - an amino acid, which has soothing properties and calcium, which helps the brain absorb tryptophan.

Spicy dishes irritate the stomach at night, disturbing your sleep.

The tea that you drink before bedtime, you can add soothing herbs: mint or lemon balm.

Do not snack before bedtime sandwiches with smoked.


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