5 simple tips to lose weight even in the evening and during sleep

It is very important that you never missed dinner. This can slow down your metabolism. So, try to eat dinner early, so by the time you go to bed, the food already had prevaricate ask, is it possible to lose weight even while you preparing to sleep? Certainly. Our metabolism is always ready for action, and we can apply simple techniques in order to support its activity.

You need to understand that the day is very important, especially if you want to lose weight, so it pays to take note of certain methods that can accelerate this process.

Today we will tell you about the ways that will help you continue to lose weight until you go to sleep.


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1. The importance of dinner

Many people believe that by skipping dinner, they thus will lose weight faster. This is not so. If you don't have dinner in the evening, your body will spend about 10 hours without receiving any nutrients. As a result, we get two things: first, more serious for the body, it does not receive proper nutrition. The second is that our metabolism may slow down.

What is the solution? It is very important that you always dined, idella is in accordance with the following recommendations:

  • You should eat dinner two hours before bedtime.
  • Dinner should be light.
  • Sure you heard that dinner should be "modest but balanced". Some people try to follow this advice, making a common mistake and dinner a salad of green leaves. It is also not correct. Ideally, our dinner should contain protein, fiber, vitamins and carbohydrates.
  • Be careful with salads, as in the evening they are worse digested by the body. Vegetable soups are also great for dinner. Example? Pumpkin soup, or soup of zucchini, garlic or oats. They are very tasty! Can add a bit of salmon.
2. Half an hour walk before bedtime

We are not talking about how you need to go for a run and bring themselves to exhaustion. All you need is to relax and to maintain the activity of metabolism. It is very useful, for example, walk your pet at night, or simply take a stroll before going to sleep with a friend or loved. Go briskly, and take a deep breath.

This evening walk will help you to relieve stress and even find the solution to doubts you problems. As you already know, stress, too, is an enemy of our health and the culprit of weight gain. If you get used to walking before going to sleep, you will be rewarded with instant relaxation, it will relieve tension and help you to see things from the other side.

You will return home relaxed. Rather try it!

3. The use of a bath, a detoxifying

After the walk, it is useful to take a relaxing hot shower. And once a week, for example, is to take a bath, detoxifying. Of course, you will have to spend on its preparation of power and water, but the result is worth it:

  • Toxins
  • The skin gets vitamins and minerals
  • We feel refreshed and filled with energy
This type of baths, in addition, removes toxins, reduces inflammation and recharges us with energy, allows also to conclude our day, losing weight. Just add to the bathroom 100 grams of baking soda, 5 drops of lavender oil, 100 grams of sea salt and a spoon of grated ginger. Take a bath for half an hour and... relax!

4. Herbal teas that help you lose weight in the evenings

There are delicious herbal teas that can be drunk before sleep. They will help us burn fat, are a source of important vitamins, and will also help us to relax.


  • Tea made from blueberry: Lowers blood glucose and promotes better sleep.
  • Oolong tea: This famous Eastern tea known for its properties that help to lose weight, it has a nice bluish color and very tasty.
  • Infusion of star anise: If we drink it before bedtime, it will help us to sleep, and besides, the body will begin to burn the fats that we ate for dinner.
  • Pink tea: Very tasty. According to the Journal of Food Science, tea rose is more rich in antioxidants than green, caffeine free and ideal to drink it in the evening. Helps to fight constipation and avoid unpleasant sensations in the stomach.
5. Get ready to sleep well

If a good night's sleep, it also promotes weight loss. You're surprised? It is really so. During the night, our lymphatic system is doing important work — the elimination of toxins. If for any reason does not occur adequately, in the body of accumulated harmful substances that cause inflammation and do not allow us to lose weight in a natural and healthy way.

For a healthy sleep it is necessary that the temperature in the bedroom was between 20º C and 24º C. it is Always better that the temperature was mild, if it is above or below these values, the sleep will not be as useful. Don't forget to turn off all electrical appliances before going to sleep, this way you will avoid the influence of electromagnetic waves. Read before bed with a good book and tune into a deep and peaceful rest.

As you can see, these simple tips will help you take better care of their health and lose weight the healthy and natural way. published 


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