10 great inventions that were made in my sleep


Inventions that were made during sleep.

Legend has it that Dmitri Mendeleev was working three days without sleep, and when he closed his eyes, he saw in a dream the periodic table of chemical elements. He woke up dazed and all memory put on paper. However, Mendeleev was treated to this fascinating legend, with irony. "I'm over it, maybe twenty years thought, and decided to sat and then... ready," he said. Yet history knows of cases where brilliant ideas actually come to their creators in dreams.

1. The theory of relativity

The theory of relativity.

In the bright mind of albert Einstein's brilliant ideas came when he was sleeping. One of these ideas was the theory of relativity. He saw in a dream a herd of cows who were standing near the fence. The farmer turned on the current, and the cows at this moment simultaneously bounced off the boom. But the farmer who was observing this picture from the other side of the field, saw everything a little differently – animals bounce off each other, like "the wave" by fans in the stands. In the morning, Einstein began to ponder his dream and realized that the same event looks different depending on the angle of view of the deformation of time and space.

2. Terminator


In 1981, in Hollywood, almost no one knew about James Cameron, and after three decades, he became a Director of the two highest-grossing movie in the history of movies. Early in his career, he just didn't know what to write. Decided all case. While in Rome, Cameron became ill, and in delirium he saw a strange picture of the explosion is born robot. It's cut in half, armed with knives and tries to catch up with the woman. Although Cameron felt disgusting, he was able to write down your dreams, and when he returned to the States, he created brought him fame as a character – the Terminator.

3. "Yesterday"
One of the most popular songs of the group "Beatles" Paul McCartney wrote in a dream. That's how talked about this in one of his interviews the musician himself: "I am convinced that true inspiration comes when not looking for him. "Yesterday", which has become one of the most popular songs I heard in my sleep. I have long tormented tedious attempts to write something similar, some kind of sad song, that would be different from anything written before. The idea spun in my head and in my sleep probably worked subconscious. I woke up to this music!"

4. Sewing machine

Sewing machine.

The sewing machine was invented in 1845 after Elias Howe had a dream-a phantasmagoria. If his captured men with spears and wanted to kill. On the points of their copies, he noticed the holes. This idea became the missing link in the creation of the sewing machine.

5. Nervous system

Nerve impulses.

In the early 20th century, scientists thought that the information between neurons is transmitted by means of electrical impulses. But somehow Dr. Otto Levi had a strange dream that he was half asleep wrote on the paper. In the morning, after rereading your notes, Levi realized that the nervous system is based on chemical reactions. Later this discovery earned him the Nobel prize.

6. Planetary model of the atom


Planetary model of the atom.

In 1913, Danish scientist Niels Bohr had a dream that he found himself in the Sun. Around with great speed spinning planet. Waking up, he created the planetary model of the structure of atoms, for which later received the Nobel prize.

7. "The persistence of memory" by Salvador Dali

"The persistence of memory" by Salvador Dali.

"The persistence of memory" is one of the most famous paintings of Salvador Dali the artist, "came" to him in a dream. "It is the embodiment on the canvas of my dream," the times said Given.

8. DNA


American scientist James Watson in the mid-twentieth century dreamed of two intertwined snakes. This led him to the idea of the shape and structure of DNA.

9. Balm for hair growth

Madame CJ Walker — the world's first woman millionaire.

Madame CJ Walker is known as the world's first woman millionaire. She made his fortune in early 20th-century cosmetics. CJ Walker told me that in the dream came to her the stranger who reported the prescription remedies for faster hair growth. This tool helped her to earn.

10. Benzene



The chemist Friedrich von stradonitz had a dream about the formula for benzene. He recalled: "I prissily two snakes. Fascinated, I watched them dance, when suddenly one of the snakes grabbed its own tail and danced tantalizingly before my eyes. If pierced by lightning, I awoke: the structure of benzene is a closed ring!" published

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