The fear of making a mistake.

The fear of making a mistake - this is the main obstacle to take action. However, if we divide it into its components, we find 3 components:

 - Fear of appearing stupid,
 - Fear to spend time wasted,
 - The fear of getting hit by losing self-esteem and self-confidence.

Because of the fear of making a mistake, we deprive ourselves much: communication, opportunities for new experiences. Overcoming fear will allow us to begin to live life to the fullest and enjoy it, making mistakes and extracting lessons from them.

Where does the fear?

This fear is formed in early childhood. Especially strongly it is expressed in people whose parents were too anxious and did not allow a child to act independently. Another option education, forming a fear - "parents know best." Too authoritarian parenting style and overprotection inevitably lead to the formation of fear of making a mistake. The situation is aggravated school environment. Unfortunately, errors are often ridiculed in schools, especially on the part of students, but sometimes by teachers. The child is having a bunch of negative feelings that in the future makes him inactive under the influence of fear of making a mistake, rather than try to do anything.

How to get rid of fear?
1. Remember the phrase: "Do not be mistaken only one who does not do anything." Anyway, we will make mistakes - it's an integral part of human activity. In addition, the error - a way to get a new experience and new knowledge. How do you know what is right, if you do not know what's wrong?
2. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Get rid of deep-seated beliefs that can not be wrong.
3. make a mistake, analyze it. You understand that through it you have learned something. Not all turns out right the first time. All great discoveries are made by trial and error.
4. If you make a mistake, do not blame it other - take responsibility for themselves.
5. Do not criticize the mistakes of others, let them make mistakes, too.


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