If you have a Jeep Cherokee, the ...

One ran Mouse himself in the jungle and even fell into a pit dug by hunters.
 However, it happened to pass by the elephant, He heard the cries of mouse and hurried to help. Elephant trunk down into the pit - they say, come on, Mouse, climb. Yes, it was too deep a hole - not a mouse jump to the trunk.
Elephant remembered here on the subject of his male pride, Koya was just incredible size (elephant after all!).
In short, it is these things down wealth in the pit, and time - at the time, for scrambled Mouse entomu case upstairs. What a joy it was!

On another occasion, elephant happened to run through the jungle.
Well, what do you think - boom! - Pryamohonko landed himself in a hole dug by hunters.
And, of course, the mouse happens to be nearby and he rushed to the aid of another. It should, therefore, Mouse on the edge of the pit and frowns: Well, you know - a task will be more difficult!
Well, nothing - realized. Ran with all his house, he jumped into a Jeep Cherokee, davanul gas, rushed to the pit. Dropped a rope down the elephant, he roared Jeep Cherokee all eight cylinders, grated winch - pulled Elephant on white light.

Moral of the story: if you have a Jeep Cherokee, the largest member you unnecessarily!


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