Is this true?

Zen master Hakuin was known among neighbors person living blameless lives.
Next to him lived a beautiful girl, whose parents owned a grocery store. Suddenly parents discovered that she had a child should appear. They were furious. The girl refused to name the father of the child, but after much insistence named Hakuin.
In great anger the parents came to the teacher.
"Is it?" - That was all he said.
After the baby was born, it was brought to Hakuin. By the time he had lost all respect for others, that does not bother him. He surrounded the child's care and warmth, the neighbors took the milk for the baby and all that he needed.
A year later the girl-mother still broke down and told her parents the truth that the child's father was a young man who worked at the fish market.
The father and the girl's mother immediately went to Hakuin, asked for his forgiveness, to apologize to him and asked to return the child.
Hakuin willingly forgave them. Giving a child, he said only: "Is it true?"


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