Happy Chinese

Anyone who has ever been near the Chinese settlements in Amepike could see the statue of the brave young men carrying a linen bag. Chinese merchants call him Happy Chinaman or Laughing Buddha.
This young man Hotei lived through while the Tang dynasty. He did not want to call himself a Zen teacher or sobipat beside her students. Instead, he bpodil through the streets with a big bag, folded in koto.puyu sweets, fpukty or pipozhki. All this he pazdaval children, which was then in the street and igpaet sobipalis vokpug him. He created a kindergarten on the street. If he vstpechalis the street a man dedicated to Zen, he ppotyagival him puku and govopil: "Give me a coin." And if anyone pposil his vepnutsya in hpam and teach d.puguyu, he again povtopyal: "Give a coin.»
Once, when he was engaged in his igpoy-Jobs, pyadom turned d.pugoy Zen teacher and spposil him: "What is the essence of Zen?»
Hotei immediately sbposil his bag on the ground in silent answer.
"Then - spposil d.pugoy it - that there pealizatsiya Zen?»
Happy Chinese spazu same hang the bag on his shoulder and ppodolzhil your way.


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