Kung fu master Huo En Hu can punch coconut finger

The same thing it can do with the human golovoy

kung fu master Huo En Hu to defeat the enemy, is not required to take up arms - his forefinger Chinese can pierce a human skull like a coconut. Of course, his dangerous talent Ho En Hu used exclusively for peaceful purposes, "This finger allows me to feed my family" - says the man.

The Malaysian government in 2000 allocated a special place in the master Jonker Street, in the heart of Chinatown, the capital of the Malaysian state of Malacca since Ho twice a week to arrange demonstrations, entertaining locals and tourists.

Over the years, Ho En Hu puts records and he beats them, both literally and figuratively - for example, on February 2 of 2001 Chinese hit the Malaysian Book of Records, a minute and ten seconds pierced his miracle finger three coconuts, and in June 2009 he was able to improve the result - a little more than 30 seconds, "victims" of the master became for four coconut, but the master did not stop there and in 2011 was able to "deal" with the the four "enemy" is already in 12 seconds.

The man began his amazing career, inspired by the example of his mentor Chu Kong Leong, who taught 17-year-old Ho art of kung fu. "Chu told me to learn to strike with one finger. First, it turned out not very good, but persistent training did their job "- says Ho. A young man practiced in the banana palms, jabbing his finger at them whenever passed. "Passers-by saying that I went crazy" - Master laughs. Stuffed on the palms of the hand, Ho moved to other solid objects, and after two years of grueling exercise was finally able to make a hole in its first coconut.

The secret is to master the ancient Chinese art of qigong, which teaches to achieve harmony between body, spirit and mind. Practicing Qigong instructor Master Chu Kong Ho Leong learned, for example, swallow metal balls and push them back, or let's say, to split coconuts head. Of course, penetration coconuts finger not the easiest job in the world, so Ho En Hu have to keep myself in shape - apart from the usual exercises every day a man goes walking for about 20 km. The diet Ho practically no fatty foods and meat - the Chinese prefer to lean on vegetables and fish. In addition to the exponential penetration of coconuts, a man earns a living selling medicinal and analgesic oils, which is preparing itself. Probably the master is an expert in medicine - for his career, he repeatedly broke his famous finger, but always went back to the "battle" with coconuts.

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