Refuge defense plant

"Despite the successes of the socialist countries in the struggle for peace and the efforts of all progressive mankind, opening up the real possibility of excluding world war from the life of society, the threat of its occurrence remains. The CPSU Program states that the imperialist camp prepares the worst crime against humanity - a world thermonuclear war, which could cause unprecedented destruction, to destroy the whole
nations. »
Considering the threat of imperialist armies is not a joke. Across the country, a lot of shelters built of different types and different sizes. All of them are similar to each other, but sometimes come across defenses built not on a standard project. See this unconventional refuge failed me on a defense plant in Moscow.
01. I will assume that in Moscow there are more than in any city of Russia. Therefore, to find them in the capital is quite simple. But in residential areas, they are not in perfect condition. Therefore, look for well-preserved shelter best factories, near Research Institute and other state-owned enterprises built during the Soviet Union.


02. The total number of existing civil defense facilities in Moscow - a state secret. And I think it's a secret and security services, as the collapse of the Soviet Union, many shelters were demolished or flooded. And about their condition probably known only to those who are keen insight into similar structures.

03. Of course, we should not forget that in case of war, they are not much help. Modern bombs and missiles, quickly turn the shelter into mass graves.

04. But apart from the war, there are other dangers - man-made. From them just can save, even the old defenses, if they operated a system zhizneobespechivaniya.

05. Therefore, in theory, everyone should know where to go in case of danger.


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