"Pork in batter with sweet and sour sauce"


1. Pork in batter with sweet and sour sauce. First make the batter. Mix the egg with the beer, salt and pepper.

2. Add flour, not all at once, gradually. Well knead whisk and set aside, to stand.

3. In the meantime zaymёmsya meat. Cut the meat into cubes of about 2x2 cm. The preferred cut of meat along the fibers into strips and then cut the desired size pieces.

4. It turns out this slide meat.

5. spread the meat in batter and mix well.

6. In a deep pan, pour vegetable oil to cover the surface of approximately 1-1, 5 cm. Once the oil is well warmed up, do medium heat and begin to gently spread the meat with a spoon, each piece separately.

7. Once the batter browned - overturn. Wait until browned on the other side and shift the holey spoon on a plate with a paper towel, which will absorb the excess oil. Batter gives a very crisp!

8. Everything! Pour Crispy sweet and sour sauce! Served with white rice is well suited or rice with pineapple, which pour soy sauce, and wash down all the green tea.


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