Phone booth

It was 6 years ago. I bought from departing for permanent residence acquaintances electric oven and mobile.
Mobile immediately fitted out its current chip, checked, and threw it in the oven. I should add that the charger is not in a hurry, even pulled out of the slot mobile telephones. I am solemnly this miracle of technology from the third floor.
Towards raised two tipsy man homelessly form. When I caught up with them, they are strangers, but then out of the oven is heard heartbreaking call.
 Without thinking twice, shouting "Stop!" I just hang up the power in his hands one of the drunks oven, open the door, pull the mobile, (though the power cord caught in the intestines and had to conduct a conversation in half-bent position).
 Talking stuck Mobil back, close the door, pick up the oven, I say "Thank you" and continue the descent.
Even leaving out of the door, I hear: "Look - frostbitten !!! Phone booth with a craving! "I almost dropped the oven !!!

Author Fat Pooh


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