Improvised items that will protect you during the attack of hooligans

Quite funny and very silly ways of self-defense, using improvised materials :) In an unequal battle with the suit you can absolutely anything, even an ordinary tea bag;) read it, but I do not advise to take too seriously.

Being surrounded on all sides by a bully, take a tea bag in his hand and held it to the face of the attacker.
When the eyes of the enemy locks in a bag, start to shake it (the bag) from side to side.
After some time (from minutes to a quarter of an hour) bully plunged into a hypnotic trance.
The case will go faster if you offer Lihodey sit down and take a comfortable position.
Attention! Desirably, the tea bag was wet.
On the fluctuations of dry (easier) bag can affect the wind,
and the amplitude of the change, and this will prevent the successful Sleep.


Use of cigarettes is convenient because, according to statistics, about 56 ° / Draco
(it is absolutely official data obtained from the
a simple selection of authentically sounding digits) begin with the question:
"A smoke is not there?" Hearing him in the doorway, quietly Get a cigarette and lit it with trembling hands.
Then, just as surely take from the pack and lit another cigarette from the first (Fig. 1).
Interested in your strange behavior,
the enemy will open his eyes widely. Do not miss this moment tkni smoldering cigarette in the eye of the enemy.
The enemy reflexively grab one arm of the affected organ.
Now the attacker can fight only with his free hand!
To neutralize and her remaining eye tkni in the second cigarette.
As a result, the enemy closes his eyes with both hands (Fig. 2).
Not only did he not see anything, but can not use his hands.
Taking her shoulders, spin the enemy, like a game of blind man's buff (Fig. 3), and be still. Disoriented,
attack you move somewhere in the other direction, and you run away.


This graceful hoofed perfect for self-defense
from attacking several people lightly.
However, do not think that the mere possession of roe makes you invincible.
If you caught her wrong (compare Fig. 1 and 2),
use of it will be no greater than by the pony. To protect decided to apply the roebuck:
the female horns are absent, therefore in combat, it is not used.
The method of combat is pretty simple. Realizing that the fight could not be avoided,
quickly beckoned to him some deer strolling nearby.
Taking an animal, as shown, start to spin it above her head.
Beats strive to put the tip of the horn (it's quite painful)
and front hooves (Fig. 3). To stun
approach to a couple of steps and hit him on the head with the whole carcass.
Disparities, but still it can be a substitute for a young deer elk.
However, keep in mind that the elk antlers are much branched
and more deer antlers and can become entangled in clothing opponents.


It is an ancient, but now for some reason rarely used
defense weapon can be used in two ways.
If the spear is long enough, you can stick it in the ground and quickly climb on it to the top.
Opponents, walked around a spear with his head thrown back, will have to leave with nothing.
The second method is more traditional. Spend spear
before kicking the enemy's line and say that if he crossed it,
you have to stab him. In most cases, at this stage of the fight is over before it began.
If it was in trouble after an opponent yet crossed over the line, pierce right through him.


Few things in the world is more innocuous than the eraser,
but it can become a deadly weapon.
That is why in November 2006 erasers are not allowed
take on board the aircraft engaged on voyages in the US
and European countries, including the Benelux countries.
Wait until the enemy will approach closer and pounced on him.
All you have to do - is to rub the eraser striker skull to the brain.


A common misconception, though doghouse can be used only for defense in depth.
Indeed, kennel, put on his head, reliably protect the skull from the blows,
But these methods of use of the wooden structures are not exhausted.
First, the shack is good as a means of psychological suppression of the enemy.
After all, the attacker can not know for sure,
have in your kennel the dog or not. Using this, you can keep opponents on their toes for hours,
stroking his kennel and saying: "Quiet, Pirate, quietly, strangers would leave soon."
It should show signs striker,
that they had better leave until the dog jumped out and bitten all in a row.
If the detractors somehow learned that the kennel is empty, try one of the following actions.
First of all, shouting "Catch!" Cast kennel towards the strongest of opponents (Fig. 1).
While he will be in slight confusion, jumped to the most
weak hitters out and spend a quick series of kicks
(yokogiri-mawashi-uramavasha) on the body and head. Then made a double somersault back (Fig. 2) and look around the battlefield.
Further actions suggest themselves: act according to circumstances.


Ideally, in order to win the fight, it is advisable to carry a minimum of five mirror.
They should arrange the battlefield so as to obtain a mirror maze.
The enemy, caught in endless reflections become easy prey,
which easily cope and child (Fig. 1).
But, alas, unrealistic quickly get five dressing easy.
Fortunately, you can do one, but two-step
(ie with three mirrors).
In a sudden attack snatched stands (the movement bad
to advance work to automatism) and turn it so,
to the sun's rays fall on the surface of the mirror, reflected,
beat opponents in the eye (Fig. 2). This will greatly facilitate the conduct of the battle.
But what if it was evening and the light is no longer
your assistant? In this case, you will help to wing mirror.
Wait until the detractors will snatch you have furniture, and pinch their fingers wings (Fig. 3).
How long to keep the sash serried not worth it. Pinch your fingers one-hitter,
immediately disclose the wing and catch their fingers next.


Cool the ardor of intruders can help a professional boxer,
which is good for the fact that you do not even particularly want to control his actions.
Simply point the finger at those of enemies, from which the boxer has to protect you,
and from time to time to shout something like: "Beware, his knife" or "Behind!»
Naturally, we could not in this small amount of text to write about other improvised means
(poster with Dima Bilan, eggs, birch buds,
early poems Tiutchev), which can be used in self-defense.
But we hope that this brief overview will help in difficult times. Remember: the defense of silly to rely on the gun,
able to misfire at the worst possible moment. But the mirror does not give misfires ever!



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