Olympia: a virtual tour of the very "heart" of the tanker

Pictures from the heart of a unique tanker «Olympia» - the engine room of the steamer. Looking at them, you feel the incredible power of the vessel and the great work laid on its construction;) Look further!

Machine boiler room (the ICE) consists of several decks (floors) on which the various units: the main engine, diesel generators, pumps, compressors, etc.
On this photo visible to the main engine (the upper part of it, he height of three decks) its cylinder head to the exhaust valve and manifold. And two steam boilers.

another angle DG upstairs visible spare parts for it also, cylinder liner, piston, cap and valve.

Another view, by the way its capacity of 12,000 hp

Exhaust pipe, i.e. its beginning)) is then passed in a special pit, and eventually goes where all of you have seen it))

Turbocharger main diameter of about 2.5m

The main engine just below the camshaft area.

DG, almost the lowest part of it, hatches crankcase.

Steam boiler is a lot designated for the vessel. Ferry warm loads (happen to thicken on cooling, in consequence of which would be impossible unloading) Warm fuel, as virtually 100% heavy ships operate on fuel oil, cool it as tar on the road)) Specifically on this vessel cargo pumps driven by steam turbines. And yet all sorts of small assignments, type of heating domestic water ...

Here, actually, and steam turbines themselves.

Board monitoring of turbines.

This is a big stakes)) The fact that the cargo tanks are empty, they are the most dangerous in the sense of residues of combustible gases. To do this, they are filled with an inert gas, which result from fuel combustion. The gases must be cooled and cleaned, this is passed through a kolyanchik))) we heat boiler - get steam + exhaust, which also use))

Boiler control panel (two of them), the way the ship is almost 90% of units are duplicated. One out of order, we start the second until the first repair or simply serve. The main engine of course one))

Diesel generators. They are usually three (also sometimes necessary for the required load launch of two)

Emergency diesel generator in the case where the whole quite tryndets (fire, accident), and we need to pass the current distress or start a fire pump, it will help. Certainly less power and size than its older brother. And he is not in the car, and usually on the upper decks of deckhouse.

This so-called \ "turd \" or \ "fekalka \"))) Return all kakahi fly with toilets, special bacteria live there \ 'Grizzly \ ")))) that process droppings, sometimes someone will wash something like washing powder into the bowl, and then \ "grizliki \" die, the station has to be cleaned (bEEE), launch of new bacteria to seek and punish the culprit. Sometimes very cruel)))

Hydrophores, for fresh water.

Incinerator, this stove, which burns garbage or waste lubricants, fuel liquids. People \ «hell machnie \»)))

The separator and the separator directly themselves. There are fuel, oil ... For cleaning fluids by centrifugal force. Very interesting device.

Oil refrigerator main engine, One circuit seawater, other oils, heat transfer - us joy))

Compressors for compressed air, it is necessary to ship a lot of devices and systems running on compressed air, and start the main engine and diesel generators manufactured at its expense.

Storage tank of compressed air.

Phone Booth))))) Just sometimes do not have time to answer the call, as it is located far from the central control unit (CPU) for that at different points in there a couple of booths. The very need for soundproofing booth, because the car is very noisy.

Central control unit (CPU). The room in the engine room, for the control of everything.
There wheel visible, so it's on the computer, we played there in igruhi and there trailers for kollazhika some. It should not be there)))))

CPA also

Tokarka, workshops for the repair


fire pumps

Shield salenoidov valve control ballast tanks.

Steering compartment, place the pump and driver to control the rudder.

Here are his stock.

Since rulёvka is an emergency and the conning (if for some reason it is impossible to control the bridge) we need a compass))

Here's a obzorchik hope it was interesting.

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