10 biggest ships in the world

When it comes to large ships, the first comes to mind is "Titanic." It certainly can be classified as the most famous ships wrecked on the first flight. But there are other great vessel, which most people have not even heard. We offer to meet with the largest vessels in the history of shipbuilding, some of them still ply the oceans, and some are long gone for scrap. The list is based on the length of the vessel, its gross payload and gross tonnage.

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Supertanker class TI

Supertanker «Oceania» class TI - one of the most beautiful ships for the transportation of oil. There are four supertankers in the world. Gross tonnage "Oceania" 440,000 tons of opportunity to reach speeds of up to 16-18 knots. The ship's length of 380 meters.

Berge Emperor

Berge Emperor was the largest tank vessels for the transport of oil, Mitsui issued in 1975, and one of the largest tankers in the world. Weight ship 211,360 tons. The first owner was a company Bergesen dy & Co, but then in 1985 the company sold the tanker Maastow BV, where he received a new name. He served there for only a year and then he was sent for scrap.

CMA CGM Alexander von Humboldt

Named in honor of the Alexander von Humboldt ship CMA CGM container ship is a Class Explorer. It was the largest container vessel in the world, has not yet appeared Maersk Triple Class E. Its length is 396 meters. The gross tonnage of 187,624 tons.

Emma Maersk

In the list of the biggest ship Emma Maersk is the second largest vessels in service so far. This is the first container class E of eight owned by AP Moller-Maersk Group. On the water it was lowered in 2006. The vessel is capable of approximately 11 thousand TEU. Its length is 397, 71 meters.

Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller

Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller - a leading container Class E. It has the largest carrying capacity in the world, and besides, it is the length of the ship in 2013. Its length is 399 meters. Maximum speed - 23 knots at 18,270 TEU carrying capacity. It was built for Maersk in the South Korean factory Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering.

Esso Atlantic

Esso Atlantic - one of the most popular names in the history of large ships. The huge vessel of 406 gross 57metra different incredible load capacity - 516 891 tons. It has served 35 years, mostly as a tanker for transporting oil, and in 2002 it passed the scrap in Pakistan.


Batillus - supertanker built by Chantiers de l'Atlantique for the French branch of Shell Oil. Its gross tonnage 554,000 tons, the speed of 16-17 knots, length 414, 22 meters. This is the fourth in size ship in the world. The last flight has committed in December 1985.

Pierre Guillaumat

Third, the world's largest ship is named after the French politician, founder of the oil company Elf Aquitaine Pierre Guillaume. It was built in 1977 in Chantiers de l'Atlantique for the company Nationale de Navigation. After serving six years of a ship, and then he was sent for scrap because of the incredible loss. Due to the enormous size of its use has been severely restricted. It could not pass either the Panama or Suez canals. Yes, and not all the ports the ship could enter. Gross tonnage was nearly 555,000 tons, speed of 16 knots, the length of 414, 22 meters.

Seawise Giant

Supertanker Mont was known under different names, it was called the queen of the oceans and rivers. Ships built in 1979 at the Japanese shipyard Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. During the Iran-Iraq war it was badly damaged, and it flooded because considered IRREPARABLY. But later it was raised and repaired, calling Happy Giant. In December 2009 it made its last flight. At that time it was the biggest ship in the world, but the title of the largest tanker is still preserved.

Prelude FLNG

Prelude - the largest in the world used boat built in 2013 in South Korea. Its length is 488 meters, width 78 meters. It is intended for the transportation of liquefied natural gas. For its construction took 260 thousand tons of steel, and the fully loaded weight exceeds 600 thousand tons.

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