Facebook plans for Oculus — nine reasons for concern

Acquisition of Facebook is a young platform virtual reality Oculus at the same time perplexed public. But several months passed and we heard the opinion of Mark Zuckerberg about his vision for the development of the platform and how it will fit into the future of Facebook. He is fully involved in the process. There are several reasons for concern: if Zuckerberg will, in ten years we will live in a virtual world created by Facebook. Here are some quotes from the speeches of Zuckerberg, are worth paying attention to.

1. "We make long-term bets on the future of computing," said Zuckerberg, claiming that the main computing platform appear in a cycle of 10-15 years. — We believe that virtual and augmented reality are an important part of the platform, which have yet to appear." — October 2014.

2. "Our strategy related to Oculus, should contribute to growth. Oculus need to achieve greater scale, from 50 to 100 million units, before it can be called private computing platform." The basic gist is that Facebook fully believes in the future of Oculus as a new computer platform. — October 2014.

3. "We are not going to aggressively monetize [Oculus, Instagram, WhatsApp] in the next year or two," said Zuckerberg. Facebook needs its individual products in order to gain a user base of one billion people, and then very aggressive on the business." — October 2014.

4. There will be advertising. "Of course, we are not a hardware company. We are not going to make a profit on selling devices in the long term. We consider all software and services that we will be able to turn into a network where people can communicate and buy things and virtual goods — and, of course, there will be advertising." — March 2014.

5. "The mobile sector is the platform of today, and now we are ready to platforms of tomorrow. The Oculus has all the chances to create the most social platform in history and change the way we work, play and communicate". Imagine that a social network can be even more. — March 2013.

6. "There aren't many things that can be called candidates for the computing platform to the next level. We have a strong position in the mobile sphere, and we think that virtual reality will become the next major platform." Zuckerberg has no plans to run Facebook on the next generation of computer technology, he wants to merge them together. — March 2014.

7. "People will be able to create a model space for many miles, and you will be able to see it with my own eyes. It's like teleportation." Why bother leaving the house? No, not necessarily. — March 2013.

8. Zuckerberg still sorry about the slow release of Facebook in the sphere of mobile technologies and does not intend to again step on the same rake. "We were basically a company that has performed over different mobile bases built by other companies," he said during the earnings report Facebook in July 2014. "One of the things that I constantly think, the ten-year development of the company, this change of relation to what we can see of the computing platform of the new generation — you need to invest today". — July 2014.

9. "I think virtual reality, augmented reality, vision, some experience in the field of artificial intelligence, which we do, all of this should lead us to a new generation of computing technology — and this is important." Zuckerberg consistently says about his desire: to Facebook was determined as the age of technology, led the "common computing platform" even more closely than now. — July 2014.

There is no doubt that virtual reality and related technologies will flow into our lives, perhaps next year and will become the next big thing, so to speak. Will be behind it all Facebook? The company does not have its mobile operating platform, no operating system, no devices. Facebook need to stay afloat in the near future, and virtual reality — a great way.

Source: hi-news.ru


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