Michael Abrash and John Carmack: together again, this time - in the Oculus VR

Do not have time to lie down on a wave of reaction recent purchase of Facebook Oculus VR , as a new event "blow up" news feeds. Team dedicated to creating Oculus Rift, followed John Carmack joins another star-level specialist - a Michael Abrash , who led the research team before the VR in the company Valve.

News doubly pleased - because Carmack and Abrash has worked side by side in one of the brightest periods of life id Software. The story goes that Carmack quite difficult given the creation engine Quake - giving him all his strength, John worked around the clock only to them, but it still does not solve all the problems worked. John began to convince Michael Abrash - already at that time one of the most talented programmers graphics that Carmack admired - to join him and lured him from Microsoft, where he studied graphics and assembler part in Windows NT 3.1. He was one of those programmers who like to solve the most difficult and interesting challenges, and could not resist the offer Carmack.

That's because in the mid-1990s Abrash joined id Software to work on Quake and, as we all know today, John helped to resolve all critical issues of creating this three-dimensional engine. At the time, Michael also participated in the development of Doom. After the Quake was released, Abrash back at Microsoft, where he worked on the recognition of natural language, and then moved to the Xbox team until 2001.

In 2011, after several years of persuasion, Gabe Newell, Abrash went to work at Valve, where seriously engaged in the study of virtual reality. And in January of this year appeared on Steam Dev Days, talking about future accomplishments in the world of VR:

Why he joined Oculus? Convinced him plunge Facebook. Abrash в your message stated that "the development of virtual reality devices is not so much a theoretical study as hard work of engineers, which can not do without expensive" hardware ". Disclosure of all possible VR will take decades, but firm financial basis will not only shorten this period, but also to achieve significant results in the near future ».

John already expressed their joy about it, and even added reassuringly , that Facebook will not interfere in the affairs of the team Oculus Rift up until those that not asked (more specifically - in the event of financial failure of the device).

Meanwhile, already went jokes that good old id start going back :) As they say, in every joke there is a joke - it is only since the early years of id Software in Osulus already passed five people.

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