Google invests in virtual reality

In recent years, the term "virtual reality" consistently associated helmet Oculus Rift, which created a furor in the exhibition CES 2014. However, Google plans to outdo Oculus Rift, investing serious money into the company, which owns the development is much more promising than those used in the famous helmet virtual reality, writes Re / Code.

In total, Google and investment fund Andreessen Horowitz, half-owned by the well-known IT-entrepreneur Marc Andrisenu, plan to invest in the development of Magic Leap more than $ 500 million .
Its technology developers of the University of California at Santa Cruz called "cinematic reality."

«The technology on which we are working, can provide a more realistic 3D-experience than what is offered by modern technology in the Oculus Rift and other 3D-headsets» i>, - says CEO of Magic Leap Roni Abovits having already behind one megauspeshny project - sold for $ 1, 65 billion company to produce surgical robotics Stryker.

«Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality - outdated terms. They already have more modern heritage. We use the term "Sinematic reality», because talking about something completely different » i>, - explained in an interview Abovits South Florida Business Journal in February.

According to him, Magic Leap become the prototype of the principle of computing power the next 30 or 40 years. As for the comparison with existing models of gadgets virtual reality, in reality visualization Sinematic more dynamic and believable. Currently Magic Leap actively improve its technology on February resulting A-Round $ 50 million financing.

If we imagine the possibilities this technology promises ownership Google, for example, to use in wearable electronics such as Google Glass or in the visualization of search results are breathtaking, right?



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