What models of "virtual reality glasses" are now considered to be most in demand?

Despite the fact that the ratio of points of virtual reality is ambiguous, every day is rapidly increasing the number of consumers wishing to get a similar gadget. A significant increase in demand for products of this type, has contributed to the creation of companies involved in their manufacture. At the present time, there are several dozen companies that create products that are due to the presence of some characteristic features, can be called "virtual reality glasses". At the same time, the most popular models are now considered playstation htc vive vr oculus rift, which we will try to consider in detail in this review!

Is the model of PlayStation Oculus Rift VR — its nearest equivalent?In order to process the comparison of the two models of these devices could be considered fully, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the following aspects:
  • Structure and base. The case of the Oculus Rift consists of fibers and plastic, which make its use as convenient as possible. PlayStation VR, in turn, consists of ordinary plastic and may only work with a PC, unlike the Oculus Rift, which works exclusively with Sony Play Station 4;
  • Price. The Oculus Rift requires the use of appropriate controllers. They are 199 $ increase standard price (499 $) of the fixture. PlayStation VR will cost you some 299 $ and for this price you will be given a full set of supporting devices and cameras;
  • Wireless communication and display. Perhaps the only thing that makes these devices are similar is that their use is impossible without the use of numerous wires. As for the display, despite the fact that both of these headsets feature a good OLED display, the Oculus Rift is slightly better resolution pictures;
  • Motion controllers. Earlier we mentioned that each owner of the Oculus Rift will be the opportunity for $ 199 to purchase the full motion controllers. However, the problem is not their high value, as that they are very, very slow, what can be said about the controllers from Sony.

After some time, the Duma after 5 years this technology will come to every house. And the price will be more humane, and games will be greater and the resolution will be 4K.


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