Inventions for the military, which are worth knowing

New technology is constantly transforming the surrounding reality. And in the next few years they are going to изменить Army , giving it a completely different look . Top 10 inventions that contribute to this goal:

"Smart" gun Armatix iP1

Armatix iP1 - gun, which is called the weapon of the future. Designed by Armatix GmbH. It is considered one of the most promising innovations in small arms. Used chambered 22LR.

Its feature is that it is equipped with an electronic system. Operation using a specially developed program gives a whole new range of applications. Authorization of access to weapons, installation of alarm and blocking sight - a partial list of unique features Armatix iP1.

The purpose of his creation - a decrease of cases of theft and the use of weapons in public places. The set comes with a special radio frequency clocks. And if the gun is on them at a distance greater than 35 centimeters, shoot guns will not. Ready-to-use displays green. Armatix iP1 already sold in the United States for 1399 dollars. The clock is extra for $ 399.

Air cars Black Knight Transformer

Black Knight Transformer - a machine whose main purpose - to carry the wounded on the ground, it also can hang in the air and move through the water. It has a capacity for up to 8 people. Exterior design resembles a boat. It is a model of a flying car. This is achieved by screws. Hung for air Black Knight Transformer is capable of up to 19 hours. Vehicle speed - up to 370 kilometers per hour.

XStat Bleeding

XStat - original syringe that can stop the bleeding. He developed his startup RevMedx.

On the battlefield, people get a lot of gunshot wounds of varying degrees of difficulty. In some cases, there is no possibility tourniquet. XStat - effective means of small size. To stop the blood loss, it is necessary to introduce into the wound contents of the syringe - special sponge, using a small applicator. After entering the wound within 15 seconds, the material expands and creates a protective barrier.

The reconnaissance drone RQ-180

Soon entered service drone RQ-180, which is now being tested. Northrop Grumman RQ-180 - a drone, designed by the American Northrop Grumman - a company specializing in the military-industrial sector. Presumably, the use of UAV - aerial reconnaissance. It is planned to use it to monitor activities in the area of ​​air defense systems. Efficiency increases RQ-180 equipped with the system reduce visibility to radar.

Invisible to the IR camouflage

California masters created a coating on the basis of reflectin. This protein squid, allowing it to change color. The creators plan to use their own experience, to hide from the military infrared cameras.

Traditional camouflage pattern does not allow the soldiers to hide from the infrared sensors. The scientists used the protein film which reacts with chemical activators, changes its reflectivity. Thus, the soldiers become invisible under infrared study.

Based on their research, the scientists plan to establish the University of California fabric having the ability to dynamically change the color and structure.

Electromagnetic cannon in the Navy

Within two years the United States plan to start using a marine electromagnetic gun. Developing it it was conducted for 10 years. Naval Authority has invested in the project $ 250 million.

At this stage of development prototype outputs speed by 7 times the speed of sound, said weight guns - 23 kg. Cannon, whose range of 150 kilometers, is considered the cheapest and most secure device. The price is less than normal shells, explosives, 20 times.

Experimental smart helmet HEaDS-UP

HEaDS-UP, designed by Revision Military, is a modification of an army helmet. Price - $ 2,000. Experimental development HEaDS-UP has advanced functionality and is designed to improve the protection of the head, absorb shocks. To achieve such a result was possible thanks to a durable fabric also installed an additional face shield. In addition, the helmet allows you to integrate elements of the дополненной Reality .

Military equipment - suit "Iron Man»

Inspired by the movie "Iron Man", the developers decided to create equipment of the future. Special Force of the US Army made a request to perform a similar suit in 2014.

The main objective of the garment - make the military stronger and stronger, increase his endurance and speed. Perform these tasks should exoskeleton TALOS - base suit alleged. This equipment will also make the military several times informing his opponent. But the fly in the air or under the water to move, he would not allow.

Planned completion of the test model in the near future, but the mass production of promise not before 2018.

Head-mounted display for the Oculus Rift tanker

For training the military has repeatedly involved VR-technology. At this time, the Norwegians decided to use a helmet Oculus Rift, previously designed for gaming. Contributed to the development of kraudfandingovaya campaign on Kickstarter. Planning began in 2013.

We have already carried out such studies, when the military trained to control flying drone using the VR-helmet.

Helm, the subject is now the soldiers, equipped with several outdoor cameras and a circular angle. Panorama 360 displayed on the display Oculus Rift. The military sees happening around "through" the wall of the tank.

This practice provides a review of the high level of security, according to the military. Tanker does not have to peek out the hatch to be fully aware of what is happening. Clearly visible, in turn, provides a harmonious work crew. Any information obtained through Oculus Rift, an additional advantage in battle.

According to forecasts, the cost of a helmet will not exceed $ 350. Not so long ago, Facebook acquired Oculus VR , and the developers claim that the expected yield of the final product is very long, moreover, it can significantly affect the depreciation of the helmet.

Pizza stored without refrigeration for three years

Pizza that can not deteriorate over 3 years, has been developed by American researchers of Massachusetts. Military experts carried out the order of the Ministry of Defense. On the creation of the product it took 2 years. Scientists have long struggled with the appearance of mold and bacteria. The main reason was a strong separation of moisture in some products. Pasta and cheese soaked in batter, thus causing undesirable result. Difficulty removed after the test meal was added in more salt and sugar syrup and diluted with his (products that remove excess moisture content).

In addition, scientists have created the packaging for pizza. It is a metal box, complete with iron elements to absorb oxygen.



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