While the dog was fine - lived at home. Pulling at the end of their destructive and govnistye character, was ousted in a bath in the middle of winter, and only a few months later it became obvious need for the booth.
That's the same as Eugene, studied the market proposals and was impressed with the rates, in connection with which it was decided to make his own booth.
The construction was spent 2 and 5 days off and a lot of beer.
The good thing there were no injuries (excluding small splinters) and special financial injections - booth was built from what was at hand:-)

Because in the presence of n-tion was kol. of pallet covers, get me 8 years ago for free, it was decided to build one.
Boards fixed on the frame and nailed again in earnest. Inside frames invested polyethylene foam and five, the remainder of the insulation facade of the house.
On flooring went residues veneer.

The walls inside were covered with OSB (some trimming to cadge a relative), and outside on the long sides fiberboard (it was not enough, so that only through long).

Some time trying to measure with a tape measure at the withers, that-be all for science ...
After being licked from head to toe, trampled and scratched, almost bereft of roulette spat on the case and made an input aperture "by eye».

Support Group:-)

The roof is made removable, but it is very it eventually came out as hard used chipboard.

Oilcloth merry tight, so that condensate can drain off, which is formed by metal.

Sheathing roof and gables.

Profiled top. I'm not kidding, too, was lying in the shed;-)

Was hit by a tray of something akin to the terrace and the front edge of the box stands on it, and back on the same wooden cubes.
Booth is ready, the dog celebrates housewarming:-)


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