"Homemade dumplings"


1. Bow twist through myasorubku.Dobavit mince, salt, pepper and milk, stir.

Dough and dumplings:
1. sift the flour into a bowl in the middle of doing uglublenie.Dobavlyaem lightly beaten with a fork yaytso.V warm water dissolve sol.Postepenno adding water to the flour, knead the dough.

2. enveloping film and leave for 30 minut.Posle then punched the dough.

3. The dough is divided by 3 chasti.Raskatyvaem each piece into a circle.

4. Cut the dough is not great circles, it can be done with a small coffee chashki.Kladёm in the middle of the stuffing 1 tsp in each circle, fold the circle in half, zaschipyvaem edge to get the crescent, the ends of the crescent and connect zaschipyvaem.

5. Ready-made dumplings spread on a board sprinkled mukoy.Pelmeni can be frozen on the board, then pereklast in plastic bags.

6. Boil the dumplings in boiling salted water until gotovnosti.Podaёm with sour cream or adzhika or with horseradish dressing, broth, etc., as you like!

Bon Appetite!


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