How to dye your hair: tips stylists.

1. Never alone do not make your hair darker or lighter more than two shades of natural color! If you are from the dark-haired want to become a blonde, go to the barber shop, do not risk doing it at home.

I know so many women who have come to dread, after the results of the self-staining: -?

2. Do not expect that your hair will be the same color, which is depicted on the packaging of paint. Photos shown in the boxes may not correspond to reality. Be sure to read the instructions on how to dye your hair - there is certainly mention the different staining results that you get, depending on the original color of your hair (brown, blond, black), its intensity (light, medium, dark). Often referred to even shades (gold, gray, etc.).

3. "Warm" or "Cool»

No, this is not a description of wind on the street or in a cup of tea temperature - this is the type to which you refer to;-) Of course, most of you will certainly feels "warm", but hastened to explain - this is not true to the character or temperament - it's only the color that suits you best.

You - "warm" if you skin is golden, olive or dark color (this category includes the majority of Hispanic, African American and Asian women), if you quickly and easily ignited, the veins on the inside of the wrist are greenish and brown eyes or dark .

You - "cold", if you have fair skin, blue or green eyes, you "burn" in the sun, shade Avena are closer to blue. If you are typical for those and other phenomena, you probably is closer to a "warm" type.
4. How to choose the right shade of hair
If the skin is warm color, choose caramel (bronze, gold) shades slightly darker color. Avoid jet-black, which is likely to make your face "blurred". If you choose golden shade, avoid too bright colors that can make your hair orange.

Can a girl "warm" type to become a blonde? Yes, it can, but only with the help of a professional stylist rather than yourself.
If your type - "cold", avoid gold, auburn or copper shades. They only unprofitable underline your blush. Ash-blond and cold brown color will suit you best.


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