The best means of rapid hand care:

1. The mask of honey and lemon (minutes 7 - 8), followed by a nourishing cream is applied, to warm the hands cotton gloves for at least half an hour.

2 tablespoons olive oil, mix with a spoon of sugar and scrub it gently treat your hands up to the elbow (if the dress with bare shoulders - shoulder), rinse again and apply nourishing cream and insulate compress.

3. Spread the hands of white clay for about 10 minutes (diluted in water until the consistency of sour cream): it will bleach the nails, exfoliate the skin and create a lifting effect. Then again, cream and compress time.

4. In the fall can be applied to the skin of the hands of any sour fruit pulp in the winter - grated apple. It will peel and whiten the skin and give it a radiant appearance.


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