Beauty Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

1. Marilyn soap face 15 times a day.
2. it is applied vazilin or olive oil on your face when I was at home, because I thought that so to preserve the beauty and freshness.
3. Once Monroe came home, she is immediately removed from the face of the whole makeup.
4. Marilyn did not want to become a blonde and decided to discoloration only after her agent and photographer persuaded her in this.
5. Marilyn always wore false eyelashes and a supply of the upper eyelid black laynerom.Obychno, she used white shadow to "highlight" vzglyad.Ona combine them with brown and smoky blue shadows.
6. Marilyn loved combed the hair on the left side.
7. She blended huge amount of different colors of lipstick to make your lips plump.
8. Every day Marilyn soda brushing her teeth to make them look white.


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