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At the last car shows, exhibitions and showrooms have become a very popular trend in the automobile section. It's like a kind of business card of the brand when the manufacturer shows the internal parts and complex intricate mechanisms of beautiful cars. Visitors to the exhibit can be close enough to see the smallest details and to assess the sophistication of the design of modern machines. For example, here is Audi R8:

Some examples are presented below exhibits literally cut in half, as the F1 Sauber, while others simply show the different units, devoid of the outer skin. So start watching amazing cars in the gallery section:

Lotus Hybrid Evora 414Evolution sectional. A similar car was shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 series models include:

2009 Dodge Ram Truck demonstrates its innards:

Sauber F1, or rather half of it:

Porsche Cayman S:

Ford Explorer 2012 with different sides:

Aston Martin DBS Volante:

Nissan GT-R in the context of:

Ford Taurus without upper body:

Honda Insight:

Lexus HS250 Hybrid:

Ford F150:

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport:

Porsche Carrera S in the context of:

As a bonus also admire a fully disassembled Formula 1 racing car:



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