Angry Do you boss?

Do not respond directly to that question. I think that after watching this post You can change the opinion of his boss.

On May 2, the residents of a large city of Chongqing, located in China, witnessed the strange procession: a group of people on all fours slowly moved down the street.

Clothing participants turned the eyewitnesses to the idea that in front of them office workers - on women was a uniform red color, and the men were dressed in light shirts and dark pants.

The procession circled around the monument, it has attracted the attention of passers-by, and soon on the site of what is happening crowd of onlookers. Some Chinese people who watched the crawling people got cell phones and began to photograph the mysterious procession.

But even spontaneous photo shoot and questions of curious office workers are not forced to rise from his knees - they continued to move on, head bowed down.

After a while, several witnesses, angered by what he saw, called the police and reported that near the monument there is something strange. Law enforcement officers immediately rushed to the specified address and cleared the area of ​​the main participants.

However, the police failed to hush up the scandal - Shocking pictures soon appeared in Chinese microblogs and social networks, triggering a wave of public anger.

Journalists of local media have turned to peace officers with the question of who and for what purpose organized a humiliating procedure. It turned out that the initiator of the event was the boss of a cosmetics company, who wanted to test how robust his subordinates to moral pressure.



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