Simple Tips. How to be more confident!

1. Training.
Probably from school told you that "repetition -mat teachings." Nothing prevents you from using it now. For example, if you have an important meeting, a conversation, and you are very worried about this. Try to work out how to be near the mirror to say his speech. This Work on intonation, it should not look like you express the idea, which themselves do not believe.

2. Do not apologize for what you have.
The ability to apologize - one of the good qualities of a polite man, but that does not mean that you need to apologize at every turn, so if you were to blame for the fact that they were born into the world. Much more is not proper to apologize when you come into the office of the chief, it would be better to ask "whether there will be at it a few minutes for you».

3. Keep your fears to yourself.
Many of us have fears and "skeletons" in the closet, but that does not mean that it is necessary for them to spread everywhere. Even if you were given the hard work, do not rush to say about what you're scared. To better grasp the essence of the matter in the near future to deal with it. In addition, the authorities like people who have no fear of the work assigned to them.

4. Why fear when you know who is who and what is what.
If you are an offshoot of the event, a meeting, a job interview, do not rush to rely on chance. Get to know with whom you have to deal with possible assistance will be provided to you, not to you, which again will help you in the future. Do not forget to gather information about the subject of the conversation, because it may not always be enough information known to you.

5. Confident look - you feel confident.
Before going to an important meeting for you, think about what you wear on sebya.V than you feel good about yourself. for some people to wear a certain color (eg red) plays a small role as gives them confidence. And maybe you belong to him?


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