10 ways to make life easier!

1. Work-hobby.

Nothing complicates your life more than the constant compulsion to get up, go out and do the work, while your heart tells you that you should do something else. The work that you do not love, does not allow you to develop. So do not be afraid to throw it and find what you really need.

2. Laughter.

Laughter - a very powerful drug. It relieves stress, it helps to come to terms with themselves and others, kindles enthusiasm and helps to overcome crises. Most of us are too busy to laugh, and too serious to smile. This is scary. Remember: If you today have never rasmeyalis, then lived.

3. TV.

It is better to sell. It is useless eater of your time, no more. Of course, we should not turn into a Neanderthal, but also becomes a slave to the TV is not worth it. To look into it only when absolutely necessary.

4. News.

Most often they are - a source of oppression, violence and lawlessness of pictures and full utopia. So why abuse them? All you need to hear, and will tell you so. Instead, read a book or listen to music.

5. Silence.

Our world is full of sounds, images, words, people, cars ... We are less and less to be alone with him. Get in the habit to arrange a "moment of silence" - this time to sit and think, be silent, to be alone, to put everything in its place, find harmony.

6. Minimalism.

Get rid from all superfluous. It is not necessary to clutter up your living space - a mess in the house becomes a cause of stress, anxiety.

7. Technology.

They, too, are our oppressors. Turn off the phone at night, check elektronku every three days - become freer.

8. Immediacy.

Routine - on the one hand, gives a feeling of comfort and stability. On the other hand - it drowns you. Each person simply need to occasionally change the situation. Take the performance of their own desires, and not someone else's orders. It gives vitality.

9. Sleep.

What could be simpler - get enough sleep? Do not sit up late at work - to do tomorrow, do not late to inspect the film - look at another time. Set yourself to sleep, go early and never break the routine.

10. Easy.

Few believe that in this way you can improve life, but it is actually so - gradually slowing the pace, starting small, you can do more.


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