Five reasons to become more assertive person!

1. Less anxiety.

Pushy people feel less anxiety, anxiety and tension in uncomfortable situations. They can always prevent them unpleasant conversations on the topic. They do not have to lie, that they are not at home when they call distant relatives. They do not hesitate when the authorities ask their opinion.

2. Freedom.

When you are in control of your life and decide what to do and what not to do, you feel like a free man. If a person is passive, he has lost a sense of what it takes decisions and is the master of his life.

3. Free time.

This is great if you help people, when you have such an opportunity. But it's also great if you are able to sometimes say no. It's amazing how much time you can free for the really important things, if you learn to say no sometimes.

4. Improving relations.

If you've always been a passive people, many may not like your sudden assertiveness. At least initially. People do not like change, especially if they cause them inconvenience. But be sure that over time, the reaction close to normal. If you do so and you will be around to give to others, tensions will all grow and eventually they completely deteriorate.

5. Self-esteem.

Many people do not like to argue or deny, because they are afraid to spoil relations with the people, or because they think that their opinion is stupid and wrong. The reason for this is too low self-esteem and thanks to such situations is reduced even more. Of course, sometimes your opinion, expressed loud you can configure others against you, but ultimately confident people who have a clear position, always get respect.


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