12 tricks to help increase the speed of the brain and tune in to the solution of problems!

1. Non-Smoking - coffee and a donut. The combination of caffeine and glucose improves care.
2. Chewing gum increases the concentration is stronger than caffeine, however, the effect only lasts 20 minutes.
3. Draw and features. If you think about the problem and in parallel to draw something, it will increase concentration and enhance memory.
4. Think of smart people - famous scientists, entrepreneurs. Thoughts about smart people give birth to a stream of associations ("genius," "talented," "gifted"), which in turn give rise to the right mental attitude. The effect lasts for 15 minutes.
5. Communicate with other people interested in their life, do not let feelings of loneliness seize you. Loneliness is not only an effort on cognitive abilities, but also leads to premature death.
6. Exercise.
7. Listen to classical music. Any other music giving a neutral or negative effect.
8. Do not sprayed. Multitasking - the evil.
9. Men who try to keep the field of view was not beautiful women. Try not to think about them. In women, this rule does not apply.
10. Get enough sleep. Different people require different sleep duration. Do not imitate Sleepless elite.
11. If the task of deciding on the inspiration, take a horizontal position. The supine position is reduced noradrenaline levels and activity of locus coeruleus, which leads to the relaxation, enhance the creativity and, ultimately, to the solution.
12. Believe in yourself. Beliefs affect cognitive abilities. Even wearing a simple white coat improves the accuracy and attentiveness.


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