10 secrets of happiness!

1. Love yourself.
Accept yourself the way you are, with all the advantages and disadvantages. It is infinitely important not only for your happiness, but also for the general welfare.

2. Maintain peace of mind.
Do not allow anyone or anything to spoil your mood, learn to be aware of your responsibility for your emotional state at any given time. Remember that you and only you are the creator of his own happiness, and not what external circumstances should not deprive you of happiness.

3. Express your feelings.
If you need to experience strong emotions, love, joy, anger or rage, to express them, but taking care not to hurt other people. Find your emotions safe exit, for example - through physical exercises, a walk in the fresh air and relaxation techniques, in many cases, these measures lead to the inevitable sense of relief. Freedom from emotional stress will help you better feel the sense of happiness and peace of mind.

4. there is a source of positive emotions.
Laugh as often as possible, and join in the cheerful company, which constantly "hounded" invent all kinds of jokes and fun. Laughter is able to displace negative emotions, help you see the positive side of any situation and improve the overall level of happiness.

5. The more often in a circle of close friends.
Friends are people with whom you feel in any situation at home, you are sure of them and know that they will never let you down, and you and your party do the same for them. So when you feel bad, they always support you, understand, and somehow distract you from sad thoughts. Yes, to be sure, to have such friends is happiness.

6. Avoid negative people.
Perhaps among your friends there are people who "like" to talk about the negative manifestations of life who are willing to spend hours discussing the news about the recent incidents are constantly looking for culprits in all of this. Sensibly assess the need to discuss with them these things. And no, you do not have the part of these people, just try to limit the time that you are in their circle, or like the "rescuer", try to bring them to light.

7. Eliminate sources of stress.
Stop watching the news about the ongoing incidents of armed conflicts, murders and robberies, it will help you keep your spirits on top. If you want to keep abreast of the latest news, in this case, just look at them as facts, not allowing them to cause negative emotions, not allowing them to self-assessment and not allowing your thoughts to "try on" the negative information in your life.

8. Implement your ideas.
Achieving the goals, perhaps even one of the great opportunities to become a little more happy. Each stage on which you go, set goals, will bring you the joy of victory, and doing a little bit happier.

9. Learn something new every day.
Try, experiment, look, expand their horizons and outlook. Meet and get acquainted with new people, because of everyone you meet on the way, you can get a grain of universal wisdom. Acquire new knowledge, you will not only develop your brain, but also increases the number of possible sources of boundless happiness, joy and love for all beings.

10. Spend time wisely. Take a look at what you spend your time? This is something that you really like, or something, from what you would like to leave, but continue to suffer? If you do not like the work, find the one that will be fun. If this is the countless hours and days spent in anxious thoughts about the past or not yet coming future, stop this senseless and turned his attention to the present moment, on what is happening here and now, that you really can change .


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