5 Laws of wealth:

1. Gold reaches for someone who puts a tenth of their income, providing future for themselves and their families.

You should start with a simple - as soon as the money came, before any expenses are postponed by 10%. 10% - this is the amount that can delay every since everyone is able to live on 90% of what he now lives effortlessly. At the same time, no one stops to stop at 10% - if you want to provide yourself and your family quickly - put off 50%.

2. Gold is working at full strength on the wise owner who invests it in a profitable business. The money they want and are able to work, like when they were profitable to invest. A lie idle - no.

3. Gold needs to be protected, and therefore prefers care and advice of wise people. Read books expert advice from successful people. Discuss and think about their ideas. Do not trust the occasion and bad advice.

4. Gold is not like being forced to work in an area where people are not well versed. In other words - Invest in what you know and do not invest in something you do not understand.

5. Gold eludes those who invest in it adventurous or ill-conceived projects, embodying the romantic dreams of riches.
Working with the money needed reason and calculation, they need a reasonable guide.


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