Who loves most spatki

Son - sacred. Without in any way. This is even the ancient understanding. Nothing that whether there are gods, goddesses and other characters in a variety of beliefs and practices. And the Greeks had. Hypnos name. In the brave sons and daughters of Hellas even for a single god of dreams was - Morpheus, son of Hypnos mentioned above. Slavs also an expert in dream realized. And they had a god - and called Dream. And his wife Sandman clicked. In general, people anxiously understanding of the process concerned.
Not all, though. Well, there is still an individual, so to speak, especially the role played by the body. Napoleon, one that Bonaparte, claimed that a man should sleep four hours a day, a woman - five, a child - six. A more sleeps just crazy. Well, it is. Spill the Emperor as it should, you see, and would have won at Waterloo. And today's world would be francophone.
But in the animal world, who do you think is the biggest sleepyhead? There, too, as specialists prikemarit be in abundance. Cat, for example. Those two-thirds of the time sleep is withdrawn. Bears again. Those are for the winter in a den lie. And suck it something the whole winter. Badgers with chipmunks and other ground squirrels also not a fool in this respect. So who, after all?
The answer is quite surprising (to me, at least). It turns out that there is such arctic ground squirrel that lives in northern Canada and Alaska. And this dryhnet champion sleep for the first nine months of the year!


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