It was time for the next holiday in one of the Kharkov Opera. "Stamped" for leave taken by the police as well as in other institutions, and therefore with five especially close friends, Zatar all necessary pre-meal drink, they arrived at the garage culprit for holiday Sabantui.
The car rolled out on the table covered. Nakata on one, then on the second. The neighbors showed up in the garage. Drink then agreed, but first - to help it needs something to him. The owner went to a neighbor to help. Colleagues slammed another couple of stacks. One does not go without a host. Yes, and boring. Decided to introduce an element of fun and mysticism in boring for the evening. Carefully removed from the table, lifted the lid cellar, all moved there and already at the bottom, satisfied, continued. In anticipation of the outcome.
The owner came back, he sees - no one. "Well - I think - the bastards, all vyzhrat and dumped." Fair Enough. The man has vacation started, then rage. Rolled his car in the "house", to collide with the wheel on the cover of the cellar and went spatki.
And in the morning the whole family drove off to relatives in the Crimea. At twenty-four days.
On his return his wife asked him to bring out of the cellar some of the pickles. Well, you get the idea. Pivoting it cellars, seeing five bearded Taliban and nyuhnuv plowing, he realized that he had a very rough idea of ​​the stress.
Naturally, all this time the focus of intense investigation activities. Without much boasting. Still - five operas at the same time lost! Everyone came to work, good health in all it turned out - a full order (in a stable psyche!). But there's Head to celebrate ottoptalsya on all five, the order in which, among other things, means that all pleasantly spent in the cellar, the participants of events can be considered vacation.


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