Heavy symbols of love

The authorities in Rome have decided to withdraw from the railing and Ponte Milvio lanterns, tens of thousands of locks, which they hung couples, according to the Italian news agency ANSA.

It is believed that if the couple will hang on this bridge lock and throw the key into the river, nothing will be able to separate the lovers. However, the mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni (Walter Veltroni) on Friday decided to withdraw from the bridge all the "symbols of love", after one of the lampposts bridge collapsed under the weight hung on it locks.

The custom of hanging padlocks on Ponte Milvio appeared 15 years ago after the publication of the novel by Federico Mochcha (Federico Moccia) «Three meters above the sky", the heroes who acted that way. Romantic tradition has taken root among the Romans, and among the guests, and for several years on the lampposts and railings of the bridge there were thousands of locks.

The mayor of Rome has assured that all removed from the railing of the bridge and lanterns "symbols of love" will be saved. According to Veltroni, the city authorities will do everything possible to find the optimal solution to Ponte Milvio, which would preserve and historic bridge and the romantic tradition. According to one of the existing projects on the bridge will be installed metal construction, which everyone will be able to hang the locks.


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