What to do when a cold?

Recipes folk medicine used for rhinitis:
1. Menthol oil (pharmaceutical preparation). Drip into each nostril 3-5 drops of menthol oil. Do twice a day; while grease: the forehead, temples, behind the ears, neck, nose wings. Can menthol oil mixed with camphor oil. The procedures are the same. Good help when starting a cold.

2. Kalanchoe (home remedy). When starting a cold quite 2-3 times a day to lubricate the nose juice from fresh leaves of Kalanchoe and stop runny nose fast. You can dig in 3-5 drops.

3. Tincture. At 100 grams. sunflower or olive oil take one tablespoon with the top chopped rosemary. Insist 21 days in a dark place, shaken daily. Strain, overcome. Drip of 2-3 drops into each nostril the first time, then apply 1 drop 3-4 times per day. Do not more than a week. Runny nose passes in a few days.

4. Kerosene. At night spread kerosene and soles of the feet wet thin cloth in kerosene, wring out and put on the foot. Wear warm socks or stockings on your feet and warm wrap. The morning will be relieved or completely pass runny nose.

5. Chronic rhinitis. Make slightly warm, slightly salted water. Add 1 teaspoon to any of the infusions (calendula, Zophar, eucalyptus). Water take 0, 5 liters. This water wash out a nose.
The procedure is performed as follows: bend under water at 45 deg., The nose and release it to draw breath. So skip the entire solution without looking up otsmorkatsya alternately through each nostril. Making in chronic runny nose twice a day, morning and evening.

6. Bukvina drug - 10 g. powder; rue, herb - 10 g. powder; wild ginger root - 20 g. powder. All is well mixed. In chronic runny nose to sniff the powder 3 times a day.

7. beet red. Instilled into each nostril 5-6 drops of fresh juice of beets (fresh, not boiled). You can soak a cotton ball in the fresh juice and lay in the nose.

8. It helps the common cold chopped onions infused in sunflower oil. This lineup lubricate the nostrils.

9. At a cold chew honey with honeycomb and honey smeared nostrils.

10. Eucalyptus and peppermint tea is perfect for a cold inhalation. Per liter of hot water is enough 3-4 drops of tincture.

11. When a cold is recommended to wrap the feet with gauze soaked in alcohol tincture of cayenne pepper on top to put woolen socks and go to bed.

12. At a cold juice from fresh leaves mother and stepmother buried in the nose for 2 - 3 drops in each nostril.

13. At a cold taking 1 part fresh carrot juice, 1 hr. Vegetable oil and a few drops of garlic juice. Buried in the nose 3 times a day.

14. From a cold mixture of honey helps with the juice of red beet. Mix a teaspoon of honey and 3 tablespoons of beet juice. Was instilled into the nose by a few drops 3-4 times daily. More ... Modern medicines and methods of treatment of the common cold


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