Six rainbows over Norway

Have you ever seen six rainbows at once? This phenomenon is not only rare, but also difficult to understand. Usual rainbow formed by integral reflection of sunlight from the back side of falling rain drops while being broken and also at the air-water interface. To see a rainbow, look in the direction opposite to the sun, right on the rain clouds. This is - the primary rainbow. The photo is the bright bands of color. As a result of multiple reflections within the droplet sometimes secondary rainbow is visible, located outside the primary. The order of colors in the secondary rainbow reverse. In the photo the secondary rainbow is visible on the left. It is much harder to explain the intermediate rainbow, located between the primary and secondary. Perhaps this rainbow forms when the sun's rays before they reach the distant raindrops that reflect them to the observer at first reflected from the surface of the lake, each of rainbows in the picture is also reflected in the calm surface of the lake. Since the position of rainbows depend on the observer's position, the reflected image of each rainbow little biased, as is seen in the photo.


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