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* Palming. Put the palm of the shuttles, crossed them and put on the eyes so that the eyes were free under the palms blink, but the light does not pass under the palms. Now lean your elbows on the table, close your eyes and relax. Before the eyes appear different sticks, sparks, etc. This means that your eyes are tired. Try to imagine something black-black (for example, I imagine that inside the black valenki). When the sparks disappear, the eye will get a good rest. Such a procedure I've done regularly, and the vision is not impaired have 7 years (at 8 hours a day working at a computer).
* More often blink.
* Over time your eyes do not get tired, if you wear special glasses Antikompyuternye (where dark lenses of several layers of glass). They can be bought in shops "OpticsĀ».

There are a few important rules of Ayurveda. When you wash your hands, you wash your face are mandatory. When you rinse your mouth after eating, you should always wash your eyes. Moreover, to maintain good vision, Ayurveda advises, rinse your eyes with cold water. We must keep our eyes open, and several times sprinkle them with water.

In the morning they must be rinsed very well, because in the eyes for the night is going mucus that corrupts sight. As for those who have poor eyesight, and who suffers from an eye disease from working on a computer, Ayurveda advises to wipe his eyes with saliva and then rinsed with water. It is known that saliva has cooling properties. It is able to cool the Pitta, the fire which is in the eye. People who work with the computer, you need to wash the eyes for at least four or five times a day.

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Exercises for the recovery of

They came up with Dr. Bates, whom the doctors' written off outright ", as he was 20 diopters ... and he said," get ready to blindness. " He took books, read a lot, and a year later in his both eyes was 1: 1. He created a network of schools in this regard and saved thousands of people ... My father, who is now in '93, five years ago to stop using these exercises, stop the progression of glaucoma and my glasses all the stronger. My wife (her 36 years) with the help of these exercises has saved my eyes ... it works for 8 hours with a laptop ... and that one day, suddenly gave terrible cramps in the eyes, and she almost could not work more than an hour in a row. Today she works again at 8:00, as does the exercises every day.

The exercises are very simple:

1. Sit straight, look ahead and move the eyes up and down, 6 pairs of movements than slower - more useful, without stress, considering all the things that are in front of you, for example, the patterns on the wallpaper ...
2. Small pause - close your eyes and count to six, breathe calmly.
3. Repeat Exercise 1 with small pauses as many times as pleasant to the eye, making sure to not hurt anywhere.
4. Most pause - close your eyes, breathe easy, rub your palms against each other out strongly strongly to warming the palms, and then make hot midway hands to his eyes and count to six.
5. The same thing, but from left to right.
6. Now pupils rotate clockwise 4 turns clockwise 4 - back, just as slowly, looking at things. With pauses and repetitions - all exactly the same.
7. Now pull one - any - arm in front of him, put out his thumb up and looking at the nail ... are bringing a hand to his nose and pulls back to 6 pairs of movements, with pauses and repetitions all the same way. This exercise is best done sitting in front of the open door into the next room or in front of the window - when moving away from the finger itself can be looked into the distance ...
8. Now firmly zazhmurivaem eyelids, release stress, zazhmurivaem, do to fatigue.


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