11 fitness channels on YouTube, to help stay in shape

If you wish to tidy up your figure, improve their health and do not spend a lot of money on trainers and classes in the fitness center, then this article is for you. Here we have compiled the 11 best channel on YouTube, where you can find a workout for everyone.

Editorial Website I believe that the results did not take long and soon you will see how your body is changing.


Combining elements of Pilates and aerobic power, which under the popular music carries certified instructor Casey Ho, will help to quickly get in shape. A 5-minute video are ideal for those who do not have time for long workouts.

Official Barstarzz

This team fitness coach shows by example that fitness does not need expensive equipment and a subscription to a fitness room, as do fitness can be anywhere, even on the floor of your office. If you are tired of your workout routine, then you here.

Strength Camp

Strong Elliott Hulse will help you create a "strong version of yourself." Hals conducts training is clear. Some exercises should be done with additional equipment, so you must make sure that the weight of the projectile are chosen correctly.


Incendiary dance workout right from your computer screen. Since the majority of video - recording of these sessions, it really felt that doing a large group of people.


54-year-old engineer under the name "Scooby" prove to the world that fitness is no age limit. "Home exercise" does not mean "light workout" - they can be as effective as in the gym & quot ;, -utverzhdaet Scooby. This is a great video blog for anyone who wants to have a good physical shape, but do not spend a lot of money at the same time.

Yoga with Adriene

Channel Adrian Mishler transform your living room into a yoga studio. There's a training video on yoga for all occasions: in the workplace yoga, yoga for headaches and even yoga from a broken heart.

Fitness Blender

The couple Daniel and Kelly show how fun and effective fitness to engage in together. During a video tutorial on the screen provides information about how many calories are burned around, while you do this or that exercise. It's great motivation!

Six-pack stomach

This channel shows that you need to do to have a perfect belly. In addition, there is advice on how to make the training more effective, as well as tips on nutrition. If you've always dreamed of stomach with 6 cubes press, then you definitely need to watch these videos.

S Arah Fit

Fitness instructor and blogger Sarah will help to develop a passion for a healthy lifestyle. It maintains its own channel in 2006, and it can be found not only videos with exercises and recipes and dietary advice.

Body Rock

This is another resource with exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere. High-intensity interval training, which you can find here are great for burning fat and improving metabolism.

Tone It Up

If the motivation to want to watch the coaches with a flawless figure - choose Tone It Up. As a bonus, excellent beach views, sound of the sea and beautiful screensaver. And here you can find advice on nutrition.

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