23 Soviet cartoon + another 5, after which our consciousness can not be restored

Yes, all Soviet cartoons 30 year old riddled with deep philosophical meaning. But the harsh reality and deep inner peace multipliers 70-80-90-x were forced to bear this meaning in such a perverse way that the minds of many of us simply can not be restored. And it's perfect!


Wings, legs and tails

3 minutes, 54 seconds total video. Although seemingly nothing portends: just birds find a number of delicious and make informed decisions about how to reach him.




Every Soviet child should know such frustration. Because another word for what is happening on the screen can not be explained.




The space Saga about the confrontation of man and his contract is absolutely irresistible jazz compositions. There is advertising stoned robot, retributive sphere, Mr. the brutality and integrity — flying Rubik's Cube. It all looks so stylish that modern hipsters better not to look, in order to avoid an aesthetic shock.

Spoiler: in the end will be that everything happened in a giant flower.



Last year was falling snow

Yes, it's corny, but without it anywhere. Let's start with the fact that the story is on behalf of a person with advanced stage of the syndrome scattered attention – the narrator continually jumps from one storyline to another and forgets what he was saying. Do not spoil the overall picture is rather even helps to fully immerse in the atmosphere of surrealism that prevails in the minds of the creators.

It will be small!




With frustration was easier – they immediately are given to understand that to understand what is happening to strive not worth it. Here you to the last trying to understand the story, and sometimes you even think you begin to understand. But not for long.

Reassure yourself that it's only dreams that he sees the bear in his warm cosy bed.



Wow, a talking fish

Each creation of film Studio "Hayfilm" and cultural monument of absurdity, made so qualitatively, that do not notice their own spiritual growth.




"Solaris" for children in brief: an alien intelligence trying to interact with earth organisms, taking the form of familiar objects. Panache in the style of the Beatles fully completes the picture.



Blue puppy

Don't know if there's the implication that the cartoon gained 40 years after its creation. But now he touches on deep issues of discrimination and oppression.

Blue, blue, I don't want to play with you!



Ferocious Bumbry

The picture is about anger management and problems of social adaptation of aggressive introvert in a world of ordinary people.



Rubik's cube

The collection is absolutely insane short films, as beautiful in content as it is and panache. Bunny with tail pupochke who is looking for himself, and two virtuoso friends, giving unforgettable performances. I bet you remember them, even if seen only once, and then you was quite a few years.



Ikar and sages

Magical and cute cartoon about a dream. About the fact that no matter what anyone said, and everything is achievable, you just have to not give up. Cool sayings in Latin, which you will be able to learn along with the characters.




One-eyed monster lives in a communal apartment with all sorts of different neighbours all the time and litter your scales. Terribly touching and sad cartoon about tolerance, and as a child he was just sad, what we knew at the time, fish are stupid.




Chukchi Chukchi tale with music about how a mythical creature kidnapped the two girls. Ugly and strannenko.



Bang-Bang, Oh-Oh-Oh

What if "was Released Bunny to walk" put in Opera? This cartoon.




A parable about the war, which showed on fingers (crossed out) matches. Naturally, with all the horror of war, whichever side was steeper.



A direct hit

About slot machines, virtual reality (what was) and what the real reality is better. Bright, dynamic, musical, psychedelic to the edge.




After watching this movie, not everyone was hesitant to read the original novel by Kir Bulychev. And she's gorgeous, one of the best works of the author.



Will gentle rain

A grim and impressive adaptation of ray Bradbury. Showing tinoto life "in the West", the Director turned around very efficiently.



Caliph Stork

Scary-scary story. We are still afraid of her!




"In the hole, then a crack, then in a strange otverstiya for little bugs!". Crazy funny cartoon with the song. Our sincere recommendations.



32 Dec

This cartoon somehow of December 31, twisted through the Central channel to some. And now this extravaganza, sung products, in our heads forever. Thank you, comrades multipliers.



A box with a secret

Bright and colorful cartoon, who painted in the style of the famous "Yellow Submarine", but about the mechanical music box frightening and scary still. Levitra in extreme elegance. Particularly troubling texts that are sung, even where God forbid them to sing.



Hedgehog in the fog

This list is unthinkable without stunning "Hedgehog in the fog" by Yuri Norstein. Short film with an almost monochrome picture wins a unique, mysterious atmosphere. The characters and the story each viewer interprets in their own way, but love it all. "Hedgehog in the fog" has collected more than 35 international and national awards, and in 2003 it was named the best cartoon of all time according to a survey of 140 film critics and animators from different countries.



For a snack five favorite masterpieces of Soviet animation:

 In the blue sea, white foam

One of the best cartoons of Robert Sahakyants. The boy and his grandfather are caught in a fishing net pot, and when I opened it, it turned out that they released the Lord of the Sea.



Oh, you Shrovetide!

Cartoon created on the fairy tale by Hovhannes Tumanyan Barekendan" – the poor, punish the rich man for the greed.



Plasticine crow

The creation of the cartoon took about 800 kg of Soviet plasticine, which because of the colors had faded paint colors. It is impossible to watch and not jump in the rhythm of a rousing song about the Raven.



Lone dog

"Release us, father, what is lone dog?" — so begins an absurdist poem "lone dog" by Alexander Vvedensky. In the story of the poem's three sons proves that the father is "lone dog" and the thumping in allegory, long and confusing trying to convey to them is quite a simple thing: "lone dog is a cold sweat, acting on the forehead of the deceased."


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The poem, which Vvedensky was prompted by the death of his father, has absorbed a host of political, historical, psychological implications, makes it impossible to direct her reading.


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  Film, movie, film

And for dessert. It is not scary and exciting, but all about our favorite movie. The entire process, from script to premiere. And how's uncle dumped? Poor uncle! published



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