Cleveland: 14-year-old offender was suspended from school

The police Cleveland (Ohio) reported that 14-year-old offender who opened fire on people at school Success Tech, was found dead. Apparently, he shot himself. According to some news agencies, the teenager was killed by police, but this information was not confirmed.

According to official data, 14 and 17-year-old students and two adults aged 42 and 57 years old were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. In addition, the 14-year-old girl severely injured his leg in the fall. About the victims are not currently reported.

The police reported that one person was injured on the third floor, and another - on the fifth. Information about the fact that two of the victims are teachers at this stage has not been confirmed.

According to one version, the incident occurred due to a conflict between two students that took place on Tuesday. One of the students, a teenager at the age of 14 years, on Wednesday returned to school with a gun and opened fire on people. According to some media reports, after the conflict, he was suspended from school.

Representatives MetroHealth Medical Center reported that brought them three victims with gunshot wounds, but the status of the injured no information.

To the scene were sent a large force of police, roads were blocked near the school. After the evacuation of the students, the police questioned witnesses to the incident.


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